Patchwork Hexagon Blanket

Sew my first post. I want to share with you my current work in progress.

Ever since my nan showed me the hexagon patchwork blanket she made, using my great grandmas fabric stash after she died, I’ve always wanted to make one. I’ve just never had enough time or fabric scraps to make one and couldn’t justify the cost of purchasing all the fabric. I was lucky enough that last year my friends mum offered me a sack full of bright coloured fabric hexagons. She was helping her husbands godfather downsize and came across them and knows how much I love to sew and of course I couldn’t resist them.


My amazing nan and the blanket that inspired me.


Most of the hexagons were already tacked onto cardboard templates and there were lots of fabric hexagons and templates which needed tacking together. I got sewing and tacked them altogether. I had decided to make the blanket big enough for a double bed. When I researched how big a blanket needed to be for a double bed I realised I had enough to make it a double sided blanket. I know this is more work sewing them altogether by hand but I don’t need two blankets and didn’t want the hexagons to go to waste. This was last winter and I will admit that the hexagons got put into a box in the loft as my evenings in the summer are spent in the garden and it would be too hot to make a double bed sized blanket.

The box of finished hexies.

When getting the Christmas decorations out the loft I got down the box of hexagons. I decided that I wanted to do a striped pattern that faded from one colour to the next. I was inspired to do this after going to a talk by Kaffe Fassett at Kirsty Allsops The Handmade Fair in 2014.

Kaffe Fassett and Kirsty Allsop at The Handmade Fair 2014

My little home is quite small so when it came to laying out the pattern I grouped the hexagons by pattern, then by colour, then worked out roughly what order the colours would flow in. Each side is made up of 27 rows and each row has 25 hexagons. Yes that’s a massive 675 each side, 1350 hexagons in total which need sewing together by HAND! Laying out the hexagons took up all of the living room floor but it was worth spending the time doing it as I love the layouts. I then labeled each row as I couldn’t leave them out on the floor.

I’ve started on this side.
The other side.

I’ve started sewing them together row by row. I’m only on row 10 but I love it already and it’s definitely worth the time and effort. I’ll keep you updated with my progress. I’m hoping to get it finished by the summer but I’m not sure if that’s possible!

Progress so far. Row 10.
The to do bag. 

Have you ever made a hexagon patchwork blanket? Share you photos with me on Facebook or tag me on Instagram.

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