Fir Cones and Snowdrops

Whilst the sun was shinning on yesterday’s sunny Sunday I got out in the garden. First job was to tackle the cat poo… YUCK. We have massive issues with cats pooing in the garden which upsets me massively. I was told that fir cones stop cats pooing so before Christmas I put some down and fingers crossed it seems to work. I did find four today but that’s not many considering how many there normally are. When visiting my nan earlier on in the week I went for a walk around the local churchyard where there are always lots of fir cones so gathered up a bag full.

My finds.



Church of St Mary, Stevington

After a quick garden tidy up this morning I scattered them in the bare patches. Fingers crossed this will work. I don’t know if it’s the smell or texture of them that the cats don’t like but as long as it works I don’t mind, especially as they are free!

Fir cones, tulips and a micro pig.


In the afternoon we went to Bennington Lordship Gardens in Hertfordshire to see the snowdrops. So many snowdrops and really lovely grounds.


The grounds.

I felt it was a little expensive (£5 per adult) as we were only there about an hour and a half (this included stopping for tea and cake!). I understand that there is a lot of up keep and in the summer you will most likely be there a lot longer so will definitely be worth the entry fee. I was hoping to buy some of the snowdrops but they had sold out before we got there. There is a Chilli Festival during August Bank Holiday which I would love to go to and to see the gardens in full bloom. I will definitely be planting some snowdrops in my garden ready for next year.


Snowdrop Special.


Do you have issues with cat poo? If so how do you stop it? I would love to see your snowdrop pictures, feel free to share them with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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