Disappointing Leeks

To begin with here is my vegetable patch. The garden has been transformed from how it was when I first bought my little house (I’ll post about that anther day). It’s made from five railway sleepers and it is big enough to keep us supplied with vegetables throughout the summer and autumn.
The green mesh is to stop the cats! And on the subject of cats I checked the garden this morning and no poo, yay! So hopefully the fir comes are working.


The Patch.

At this time of year it is very empty. My aim this year is to have some vegetables growing throughout the winter. At the moment there is just garlic growing and a lot of them!



I grew leeks for the first time last year and they were brilliant so I thought I would grow them again and more of them. They started off really well in a large pot which I kept them in until they were about pencil thickness. I then transferred them into the main vegetable patch.


Disappointing Leeks.

Some of them don’t appear to have grown much at all and most have just double in thickness and not really increased in size. I dug them all up at the weekend as they are unlikely to grow anymore. Even though they are small they are really tasty.


Small and Short.

I follow Lavender and Leeks and have watched her video about planting out leeks so will try that next year as I will be honest and I did fill in the holes rather than watering them in so that maybe why they weren’t so successful as the dirt could have got between the layers. I will definitely be growing them again this year.

How have you leeks turned out this winter?

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