My First Satchel

Sew… I finished my four week sewing course with Kitchen Table Sewing this week and now have a satchel to show for it. The course was brilliant but this is probably the most untidy sewing I have ever done. It is entirely my doing and not that of the lovely Janet or the pattern but my fabric choices.


The finished satchel.


I used a star print duck cotton from Fabric World. It seemed to have a different feel to it than the Cath Kidston duck cotton I have used for sewing in the past. It seemed a lot softer and frayed a lot. Due to the fraying I remade my tabs. I decided to do this in a contrasting colour, as suggested by Mr C. Being lazy I used some fabric I already had in my stash. The tabs were a lot better than the first attempt, however when it came to sewing them onto the front pocket I struggled due to the thickness as this fabric was a lot thicker than the stars. I was going though 5 layers of fabric plus three lots of interfacing which meant that I was unable to sew as close to the edge as I needed and therefore the tabs lift at the edges. However the contrast looked brilliant.

The contrasting tab.


I used the contrasting fabric for the gussets (I can heard Janet giggling at the mention of the word gusset!), again advice of Mr C. This again looked brilliant but due to the thickness made sewing the rounded corners tricky. The corners also proved difficult because I had to undo some stitching which caused the star fabric to fray quite a lot which meant the corners weren’t as rounded as they should have been.

Wonky corners and a neat strap.


The strap was probably the best bit of sewing! Instead of using the cream tabs for the bag straps I used the star fabric as it made them stand out on the cream gusset (hehe) and followed the line of the strap.

Contrasting gussets and matching strap tabs.


Oh and the inside pocket is an extra that Janet added in and is definitely a must for a bag.

The very useful internal pocket.


I will definitely be making another satchel and would recommend making one. The tabs are the fiddliest bit but making them in one go at the beginning meant that the constructing of the bag was reasonably straight forward.

I have given myself until the end of the month to make another one. Watch this space. It has also given me the idea to go rummaging around charity shops looking for old bags which I can take apart for the metal work!

Have you ever made a satchel? How did you get on with the fiddly sewing? I would love to see your pictures of them, feel free to share them with me on Instagram @sewinthegarden.

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