Makelight ~ Emily Quinton

Two weeks ago I came across a sponsored ad on my Instagram feed which caught my attention. It was a beautiful photograph by Emily Quinton advertising the Makelight taster course on how to take beautiful photographs. I clicked on Emily’s profile and my screen was instantly filled with wonderful images. I knew straight away I was signing up to the course.

Everyday over five days you get an email with a link to the lesson. The lessons can be completed when it’s convenient for you and include videos and written contents. There are tasks for you to complete and questions for you to think about. I’m not going to go into detail about each lesson as I really recommend you sign up to the free course and complete the tasks yourself to get the most out of it.

Since I have completed the course I feel that my eyes are constantly searching for beautiful images to capture. I used to just have one Instagram feed, @georgina8055, but this was a jumble of personal pictures, regrams and my hobbies. I have kept this account but have also set up an account for my blog which will focus on crafting and gardening, you can find me at @sewinthegarden.


Before Makelight.



After Makelight.


I have since signed up to Emily’s Beautify Your Instagram course which starts on March 14th so keep checking my Instagram to see all my photographs and I’ll update you all on here as to how I got on. Emily’s website, Makelight, is filled with all the details of the courses she runs both online and at her studio. There is also a very inspiring blog section you must read.

See you on Instagram and don’t forget to sign up to the taster course.

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