Carrots and Beetroot

Sow… I finally got round to spending some time with the vegetable patch. I started off checking which seeds were ready for sowing outside. I have grown carrots and beetroot a few years ago but didn’t have great results. I think that was mainly due to not thinning out the seedlings as I thought it was a waste of potential crop!

Getting organised.

To try and improve this years attempt at carrots and beetroot I started off sieving the soil that they would be growing in. I made my raised vegetable patch and it is filled with rotted down compost from my compost bins and what my mum and grandparents have donated from their compost bins. The soil is lovely but there are a few lumpy bits in there, mainly tea bags and fruit stones. I’ve requested that these aren’t put in the compost bins in future to save sieving time!

I picked up the sieve from Sainsburys for a bargain price of £1.50! I meant to buy one from the garden centre but completely forgot and happened to walk down the gardening isle in Sainsburys when I spotted it. Although it is made from plastic it was perfect for the job and I had no problems with it. I also picked up some other gardening supplies as they were so reasonably priced.


Lovely sifted soil.


Once sieved I then dug in half a bag of shape sand. I’m sure I read somewhere that this helps when growing carrots. I think it’s something to do with making it easier for them to grow. I’m not fussed about having perfectly straight carrots but would just like them to love where they are growing. I had half a bag of sand just sitting in the shed to thought it was worth trying.


Digging in sand.


The carrot and beetroot seeds were given to me by a friend and are on seed tapes. I never even new such a thing existed until I opened the packet. The seeds are pre-spaced out in the biodegradable tape so less thinning out is required. Perfect!
I marked out the rows using string, to save wonky rows and to help with knowing where the seedlings will be and what’s most likely to be weeds. I then made a grove, rolled out the tape, covered over and watered.


Seed tape.


The seeds are from De Ree. The carrots are “Early Nantes” which are fast maturing, approx 9 weeks, and the beetroot are “Detroit” which produces high yield and suitable for successional sowing.
I have some other carrot seeds to sow but am going to wait until these ones have started growing so I don’t end up with all the carrots ready in one go.
How do you grow your carrots and beetroot?

4 thoughts on “Carrots and Beetroot

  1. I had limited success last year with carrots – a mixture of poor soil preparation, too late in the season meant poor germination.
    This year to save space in the ground I’m going to try growing them in big containers – a water butt cut in half. That way I know exactly what is in the soil!

    As for my beetroot I have some seeds started at home, but they grew so well in the ground last year I think they’re hard to not grow well! I’m still eating the picketed beets from last year 😋


  2. What a great post! You have done such a great job preparing the patch, I wish you all the best growing your carrots and Beetroot. You sound like you are right on track to yummy carrots and beetroot in no time.

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