It’s all starting to grow.

Sow… This weekend I managed to get a few very productive hours in the garden.

The first job was planting out the runner beans and French beans that were big enough. I need to secure the canes but didn’t have time and thought it more important I got everything planted out.

runner beans
french beans

I still have some more to plant out but they are too small at the moment.

I planted out another row of peas and mange tout as the first row are now about 5inches tall.

mange tout

The carrots and beetroot I planted a while ago haven’t done anything but maybe this is because of the crazy weather we have been having here and the unexpected frosts. I planted out two more rows of carrots to see what happens. I also found some shallots. Due to running out of room I have planted these in between the rows of carrots. I don’t know if this will or won’t work but I’m sure I’m read somewhere about planting onions and leeks between carrots to stop carrot fly.

I also found three packets of lettuce and salad leaf seeds so I have planted a trough of these. I rescued the trough, well three of them, from a neighbour skip a few years ago. One of the others is used for herbs and the other I want to make into a succulent bed.


I also managed to sow some swede and sprouting broccoli seeds. I got these from the Edible Garden Show. I’ve never grown them before but wanted to have a go at growing something over the winter. I have started these off in biodegradable pots, another Sainsburys purchase!, so that they can be planted straight out when they are big enough. I have no idea if I am doing the right thing or not but I don’t have room to plant them straight into the ground at the moment.

swede and broccoli

I also tidied up the herb trough and sowed some corriander, basil and thyme into pots. Oh and I’ve sown some leek seeds into a large pot to get them started.

A very quick update but as I’ve been very quiet on the blog writing I didn’t want you all to think I haven’t been busy in the vegetable patch!

Happy growing everyone!

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