Time to get picking 

Sow… The vegetable patch is finally thriving.
The runner beans are reaching to the sky and have lots of lovely red and white flowers, I have two varieties growing. The pumpkin and butternut squash now have plenty of room to trail around. The French beans are being picked daily. The sunflowers are standing as tall as me. The peas and mange tout are producing like crazy. The shallot and carrots appear to be growing in harmony, even though they the quite close together. The tomatoes are a bit wild as I may have forgot to pinch them out in all the rain but there are tomatoes growing. The cucumber is trailing on the gravel as I can’t seem to get it to cling to anything to grow upwards. The lettuce was growing well and then one night the slugs and snails had a midnight feast and ate the lot. Blueberries are going blue. The courgettes aren’t doing as well as they normally do but we have picked this gigantic round one.


Busy busy busy.

Unfortunately the suede and sprouting broccoli seedlings were neglected so I am going to sow some directly into the ground and see what happens.

The lettuce trough is going to be turned into a succulent bed as I’ve tried growing lettuce a few times with no luck.
The flower beds are also growing nicely and we are making a little seating area by the shed.
What have you been busy doing in the garden?

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