Buttons in the Garden

Buttons in the Garden

Sew… My names Georgina and I am addicted to buttons! I don’t know what it is about them but I could just look at my button collection all day long, they are so mesmerising. The different colours and shapes and sizes and materials means that I can happily spend hours sorting and organising and resorting and reorganising them.  

A selection of my wooden animal buttons.
My collection isn’t made up of expensive antique buttons but just ones I have collected over the years. 

I do have my great grandmas buttons which I have kept separate. Unfortunately they are no longer in the original tin as I’m forever changing how I organise them. They are in a Cath Kidston button bag at the moment, however I keep meaning to see if I have a tin, I used to collect them when I was a child, to put them in as the bag isn’t really big enough.


My great grandmas buttons.
A rainbow selection of my great grandmas buttons.

The rest of my buttons are currently arranged by colour in a very unexciting plastic storage box. I don’t use these button for anything other than staring at!

My button and bead collects organside by colour.

In this container are the ones I use for crafting. I make lots of cards with them which I sell in a little local cafe, Chiff Chaff Cafe, and to use myself rather than buying them. I have also has a go at free motion embroidery and added them to this picture I made for my mum. 

Craft supplies.

Card making.
Adding buttons to my first attempt at free motion embroidery.
Because of my love of buttons I have opened up a little button shop over on Facebook called Buttons in the Garden. I also have an Instagram page just for buttons @buttonsinthegarden. If you love buttons please come and have a look and feel free to spread the word to any other button lovers you know! 

I would love to see your button collections and what you use them for so please tag me in them @buttonsinthegarden.

Happy Button Collecting. 


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