The Handmade Fair, WOW

Well I think The Handmade Fair is my new happy place! Everyone was so friendly and happy and the atmosphere was amazing even though it was a bit of a cold grey day (not as bad as the Friday!).

I was lucky enough to win entry only tickets (from the lovely Kate Essam a super amazing Textile Artist) and took along a fellow crafting friend on the Saturday. Being OCD prepared I had a list of all the workshops we wanted to do and on getting to the fair as it opened we went straight to the workshop booking hut but unfortunately all the ones we wanted to do were fully booked. A little disappointed we headed straight to one of shopping tents and within minutes our mood was sky high again!

All the pretty bunting.

I’ve got to say all the exhibitors were so so so friendly and the enthusiasm they had in their creations was so inspiring.
We then discovered the food and drink tent and wow all the samples were so yummy that we weren’t that hungry when it came to lunch time! However, we did manage to squeeze in a panini! There was so much choice we were spoilt. We did go back for some chips late afternoon before the journey home, any excuse!
The Mollie Makes Cafe was next to the food stalls so we popped over and I signed up to both the Mollie Makes and Simple Sewing magazines. I love both of these magazines and with an offer of three issues for £3 plus the current issue all in a tote bag who wouldn’t sign up!

So colourful!

We then came across the DMC tent offering free workshops and luckily managed to get the last spaces to embroider a bag. Woo Hoo! Although we were having loads of fun it was nice to be able to do some crafting along with lots of other crafters. This wasn’t until a bit later in the day so off we went to to other shopping tent.
By this time it was a lot busier but we managed to squeeze our way round and look at all the lovely stands. I must say I am very proud of myself for not buying any fabric! I did touch a lot of it though! Again so many lovely exhibitors and my favourite, Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons. I got a cheeky photo wearing my new Megan dress I had made for the fair.

Tilly and my cat Megan dress 🐱

To end the day we went to the DMC workshop. One of the workshops I had on my list at the beginning of the day was the DMC Boobilicious one with Mr X Stitch and I was very pleased when he turned up and ran this workshop. We each had a canvas drawstring bag to personalise with wording. We got to use DMCs product Custom by Me magic sheets as a template for the wording. They are preprinted self adhesive sheets that once you have sewn your design you rinse under hot water and the sheet dissolves leaving your beautiful stitching. I don’t know why but I decided to write “lost property” on mine!

Mr X Stitch workshop

Mr X Stitch was very funny and even shared his chips with us! (I told you I would write something nice!) Im now waiting for his workshops in Bedford he said he will restart as, small world, he lives in a village just down the road from me!
Over all the day was amazing and I will definitely be going back. My Christmas list is now filled with needlework kits (Floss and Mischief and Hawthorn Handmade) and an amazing wire skull piece of framed art by Lucy Elisabeth. I did make a few purchases including some stencils from Nicolette Tabram after being amazed by the transformation of an IKEA stool. We even got to have a practice so I’m sure I can upcycle a nest of tables I want to get for the living room. An owl print from Zeena and a glass robin (sorry I can’t remember the name of the lovely lady I got this from).

Cant wait to get stencilling .
Another owl print to add to my collection.
Fav magazines.

I could have been so tempted to take up so many new crafts but I’m a firm believer in concentrating on a few crafts and becoming really good at them rather than being ok at a wide range of crafts. I’m a sewer and crocheter kinda crafter. I love my sewing machine and have started making clothes in the last 18 months and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It’s so addictive once you get started and I love having clothes that no one else does. I have also been hand sewing a giant mimi hexagon patchwork quilt and have just started another one! When I was a child I did a lot of cross stitching and seeing all the modernised designs at The Handmade Fair has inspired me to get back into this, hence the kits of the Christmas list! Its an ideal craft to do I’m the evenings on the sofa as the sewing machine and television don’t really mix!

My other love is crocheting. I love making blankets but there are only so many blankets anyone needs! However next on my blanket list is one for the bedroom. I just need to work out the colours and pattern then I will get crocheting. I also want to have a go at crocheting some socks and a cardigan or jumper.
Did you go to The Handmade Hair? What exhibitors inspired you?

Oh and always remeber where you parked!

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