Monthly Round Ups

My busy September 

Wow September was a very creative busy month. Here’s a roundup of what I got up to…
First up was my very first photo walk. Initially I was very nervous about going as I didn’t know anyone but so so so glad I did as I had so much fun taking photographs I’m the rain and meeting so many lovely creative people. I blogged about it earlier here.

Me and the lovely Claire with our perfectly suited umbrellas.

For the walk, and the up coming Handmade Fair I decided I wanted a new dress to wear so I made another Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress out of this brilliant IKEA cat fabric. You can buy it here. It’s probably a little on the thick/heavy side but I think you can just about get away with it for the winter. It would probably work better as a skirt?

Me , Tilly and Megan at The Handmade Fair.

A week after the photo walk and I was off to the Handmade Fair. Which was ah-maxing. I wrote loads about it here.

I also managed some more sewing at the beginning of the month and made the Helens Closet winslow culottes. The first pair didn’t quite work out. I made the short version but they came nearly to my knees so the crotch was swinging around and being uncomfortable! I wasn’t going to give up as I really wanted some culottes so I decided to see what happened if I took 2 inches off the top of the pattern. I’ve never attempted making culottes or trousers so didn’t have a clue if this was even allowed! But I figured the side seams are straight and the crotch was low enough to that I didn’t think I would end up being too high. I have a stash of old bedding which is perfect for toiles, especially as they often end up as wearable toiles, that I decided to just go for it a see what happens. Yay it worked! I love them and managed to wear them lots during the last few weeks of the extended summer we had!

Never throw away bedding!

I did a little bit of selfless sewing and made some personalised hunting for a new little baby girl and 9 meters of bunting for her little cousin.

Brief: not too much pink. Done!

Oh and I finally got the ends sewn in on my as-you-go-stripy blanket.

A perfect way to use up odd bits of wool.

We also managed so get some creative jobs done around the house and garden. We now have a little seating area at the end of the garden as this gets the sun later on in the day. A bit late I know as it is now Autumn/Winter but it will be ready for next year!
We, I mean Mr C, finally got the light fitting sorted in the dining room, damn you IKEA light fittings. And he made the most amazing shelves in the living room from scaffold boards. I decided I wanted a shelf for rainbow glass finds and he goes and make me three brilliant shelves in the alcove.
I got some new curtains in the bedroom which needed shortening, more like halving they were so long! Instead of finishing them just below the windowsill I decided to make the, floor length. The window is set quite low and it makes it feel really cosy now which is super for the winter months.
I’m hoping October will be just as productive as September. I do like crossing things of my to do list. I’ll share my October to do list with you next week.
What have you been making in September?

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