October to do list.

Well after a brilliantly busy and creative September I want October to be just as great. However there is no photowalk or Handmade Fair to go to but I’m sure I can still inspire myself!
First up here’s what I’m hoping to sew:
I’m going to attempt my first Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress. I’ve never sewn with knits but I’ve got the correct needle for my machine and all of Tilly’s very helpful posts ready to follow so I should be ok! I bought this amazing coral ponte de aroma online from Fabmill Works, there only 9 meters available which you can get here.

Cant wait to start this.

Last time, my first time and it certainly won’t be my last time, I visited the Fab Works Mill shop I got this cotton denim with a teeny tiny red polka dot to make the Simple Sew Skaterdress. As its getting cold I really need to get this made so I can get lots of wear out of it over the winter.

My post-wash creased fabric!

I’m just going to commit to the two dresses this month as I have lots to do around the house that I can’t keep putting off to sew!
One of my other loves is my garden. I like to grow lots of vegetables and for the first time I’m attempting suede, turnips, pak choi, spinach and broccoli over the winter months, I usually just grown garlic over winter. I really need to get out in the garden to give it one last tidy up before winter really sets in so that really needs to be at the top end of my to do list.

Already completed this task as well, well partly!! Some of the flowers still haven’t died down but I’ve made a good start.

My garden.

The growing end.

I also need to paint the new amazing scaffold shelf brackets and organise all the pretty “stuff” on them so they look their best.

I have actually managed to sort the shelves already as I was so excited to have them looking amazing. 

My amazing shelves .

I’m also planning another trip to the Fabworks Mill as I will be up visiting my dad at the end of the month so will be checking my patterns to see what’s next on my sewing list.
It doesn’t sound a lot to get through but working shifts and fitting everything in is always a challenge. Next year I’m going to start a bullet journal so any tips on those let me know!
I’ll keep you up dated throughout the month.
Happy October!

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