1350 hexies

Yay it’s finally finished! 1350 hexagons hand sewn to make this amazing, if I do say so myself, double sided quilt.
Yes it’s taken forever, about 2 years, it was a winter evening project and wasn’t even looked at during the summer months. My hand sewing skills are now brilliant!

Through the stages.

I couldn’t decide between making two quilts or a double sided one and having a selfish sewing moment I decided to make it double sided as I didn’t want to part with one of them!

The rainbow side.


The pink side.


The millions of needle pricks and hundreds of hours of hand sewing were definitely worth it as I will treasure it forever.
I decided I didn’t want to add an edging so just used the sewing machine to sew together the front and back right sides together (remembering to leave a gap to turn inside out!), I then overlocked the edges together to make the join sturdier, turned it inside out and hand stitched (yes more hand sewing) the opening together and there you have a simple quilt finish for a quilt that needs no fancy finish!


Even the back was pretty.


I wrote all about my inspiration to make a patchwork quilt in my first ever blog post which you can read here. My nan is very impressed with the finished quilt and was the first person I showed it to.
I won’t say I’ll never hand sew a patchwork quilt again but it’s definitely not on my current sewing to do list! However I do have a patchwork quilt on my #2017makenine list (make nine was started by @rochelle_new on Instagram). I’m hoping the amazing Fancy Forest quilt by Elizabeth Hartman will use up my stash of fat quarters.


How amazing is this quilt?


I purchased my copy of the pattern from Sew Hot. I’m looking forward to making a quilt on the sewing machine.

Have you ever made a hand sewn patchwork quilt? Do you have any tips for making a patchwork quilt using the sewing machine?

6 thoughts on “1350 hexies

  1. This is seriously impressive!
    I’ve been thinking about making a patchwork quilt but I think I might start with squares for my first one.


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