Meet Erin

I decided I would like to make a more fitted skirt with buttons down the front. I had some plum coloured corduroy left over from making a Cleo which I new would be perfect for a first attempt. 

Whilst having a sort out of the millions of sewing magazines I seem to have accumulated I came across the Erin skirt by Sew Over It in the Simply Sewing magazine. Just what I was looking for.

Sew… The piece of corduroy was only going to work with the pile (is that the right word?) running horizontal rather than vertical but I was ok with that. There wasn’t enough to cut out the waistband but I had already planned on using a different fabric for the pockets to add some contrast so I cut out the waistband in the same fabric.

I love the mix of fabrics

I have a new fancy sewing machine (I’ve only ever had a really basic sewing machine so anything above that is fancy), the Brother Innovis CS 8080, which has a one step button hole function which I was completely amazed by! Hands and feet not required just the press of a button! I did mess up one when cutting the hole open and accidentally cut through a few stitches, I tried to unpick it but unpicking a button hole is probably the most impossible unpicking task ever. I then tried to sew another one over the top and that made even more mess! Once it’s buttoned up you can hardly tell so I’m happy to live with it.

first ever button holes
I’m really pleased with how the skirt has turned out and it will be perfect for spring. This is the second skirt I’ve made and I’m not too sure skirts are for me. I think I’m much more of a dress fan. 

meet Erin

Erin Skirt from Sew Over It from the My Capsule Wardrobe: city break ebook

The pattern I used was from the Simply Sewing magazine issues 22 and 22

Corduroy from Fabworks Mill

Floral fabric from the Cath Kidston outlet shop at St Neots

Are you team skirts or team dresses?

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