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No Easter Dress for Me

Sew… This post was meant to be telling you all about my amazing bunny Easter dress. Unfortunately that dress just isn’t going to happen. Instead I’m going to waffle on and tell you all about why it didn’t happen! I’m not the best writer so bear with me.

The amazing bunny fabric came from a sewing stash I bought from one of the Facebook selling groups. As soon as I saw it I loved it. I had visions of turning this into a lovely floaty Easter dress. However, the fabric is chiffon (I think?) and has lots of movement and stretch, is sheer and catches a lot. After researching into sewing with chiffon and having a search on Pinterest I decided on a Megan dress with the chiffon being a gathered, floaty longer layer over the more fitted Megan skirt. 

Lovely and floaty

I ordered some polycotton for the lining/structured layer of the dress. After thinking long and hard about how to work with the two layers of fabric I decided for the bodice to work the two layers as one so tacked then together. For the skirt I made it up in the polycotton and for the chiffon layer made each piece 2 inches wider. I used French seams for the chiffon but found that it kept puckering. I hoped that this wouldn’t be noticeable when I had gathered it. Once gathered I basted it to the polycotton skirt before attaching both to the bodice.

Working with chiffon

I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like that the side seams weren’t smooth. Let the unpicking commence. Side seams redone in an even smaller stitch length and I also unpicked the bodice and skirt seam as it wasn’t gathered very evening. Due to all of this I had to trim 2 inches from the top of the chiffon skirt. Instead of gathering again I went for small pleats. 

When I reattached the bodice and skirt I was even unhappier. The pattern matching, not that I attempted to do it, was totally off, the sides still weren’t smooth and there were catches from the unpicking.

Pleats and unmatchingness

I wouldn’t say I gave up but I decided I wasn’t going to put any more time and effort into a dress that I wouldn’t love. My idea of sewing a me made wardrobe is having a wardrobe of amazing clothes that I love and want to wear over and over again. I’m not going to add it to the scrap bag just yet but it’s definitely going to be hidden away for a while until I can hopefully salvage something from it.

To be honest it’s my own fault. I was rushing. I’ve recently moved office at work and have gone from a nice leisurely 15 minute bike ride to a 40 mile motorway drive. I used to love sewing in the evenings but at the moment I am far too tired. I need to get into a new work/sewing routine. I often have days off in the week so am going to start having sewing days. I don’t want the enjoyment of sewing to disappear. I love being able to make my own colourful clothes and wear then with pride. 

I don’t feel bad for not finishing the dress. I have so many other patterns I want to make and will make sure that they are perfect, well my perfect. Summer wardrobe get ready!

I will instead be wearing my newest Cleo this Easter weekend.

This is a make I am super happy with!

Next on the sewing table is some amazing fabric I’m reviewing for Minerva Crafts.

5 thoughts on “No Easter Dress for Me

  1. So sorry it didn’t work out. My sympathies – recently had a similar experience with something I was making – unpicked, resewed,unpicked, dumped the result in a bag until another day!

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