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My first #MMMay17

Sew… I have pledged to take part in Me Made May 2017, eek.

I pledge that I will wear Me Made on days I am not at work. I have to wear a (awful) uniform to the day job and there is no way to make it me made. All colourful handmade clothes are for out of work hours!

My me made wardrobe has slowly been growing during the last year. It was all the #MMMay16 posts on Instagram that inspired me to take part this year and has spurred me on to work on my me made wardrobe. 

Last years wardrobe

I’m sure there will be lots of repetitions throughout the month so as part of my pledge I am also going to plan in some sewing days. I have lots of fabric and patterns at the ready so there are no excuses, accept time, I always seem to not have enough of that. 

My Tilly and the Buttons wardrobe

At the end of the month I’m hoping that I will be able to see where the gaps are in my wardrobe. I can them focus my sewing on wardrobe staples rather than lots of pretty dresses, although you can never have too many of those. 

For more information about #MMMay17 head over to Zoe’s blog and whilst you are there why not pledge and take part.

I’m looking forward to following on Instagram and actually taking part this year. I’ll be posting regularly, hopefully, over on my Instagram and doing weekly roundups here on the blog so make sure you follow so you don’t miss out. 

Who else is taking part and what have you pledged to do?

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