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#mmmay17 week one

Sew… my first week of #mmmay17 is complete and I managed to post everyday, yay! 

My aim is to wear me made on my days off and to plan is sewing days throughout the month. More details about my pledge here.

Here’s a quick roundup of my week. 

Day one was a work day but I popped out in the evening so threw on one of my many Coco’s. I love this raglan version. I made this first batch back in January and blogged about them here.

Raglan Coco.
Day two was a day off work so I spent the day sewing and a second batch of Coco’s was created, this time with some pattern alterations. As I didn’t leave the house I didn’t wear anything me made.

Coco supplies.
Day three I left the house, whoop! I went out on Yasmin (my yellow bike) and had a very yummy lunch at the French bakery. My choice of outfit was one of my favourite makes, Cleo! She does need altering as the top is a bit wide so I’m planning an alterations day very soon.

I love this Cleo.
On the fourth and fifth days I was at work but did squeeze in some sewing in the mornings and finished two Coco t-shirts and a ruffle sleeves Coco. 

Stripes and spots.
Those ruffles.
Day six was also a work day and I managed to write a quick blog about my latest batch of Coco’s.

And on the last day of the week, today, I went for brunch at MR C’s on my way to work and instead of wearing my uniform I wore, yep you’ve probably guessed it, a Coco!

A very colourful Coco.
It’s only been a week and I’ve already realised I need to make some “lounge wear”. Sew Positively has posted some super comfy looking clothes this week on Instagram so will definitely be researching some patterns. 

A quick question about leggings. Are me made leggings worth it or should I stick with my £4 Primark ones? I do have two pieces of legging elastic in my stash so thinking I might have a go if I can get some fabric cheap enough to justify it!

2 thoughts on “#mmmay17 week one

  1. Well done on your me-made week! Great outfits! The leggings issue – I used to think it wasn’t worth making but I do like a quality legging and I only buy Next ones as they last and have more Lycra to hold me in (though they are £15 a pop). I do go through leggings as I wear them a great deal so I am now thinking I need to make them instead as I think I could make them cheaper and get more variety particularly for dance and yoga days. If you find some quality cheap legging fabric let me know!’ Xxx

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