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Thinking and Alterations #mmmay17 week 3

Sew… Week three of #mmmay17 has been more about thinking and planning than wearing and sewing. Here’s a quick roundup.

Monday to Thursday were day job days so consisted of work uniform and pyjamas. Friday I had a day of errands and went to see my nan. I went for total comfort and wore RTW leggings and a hoodie. Don’t worry the weekend outfits get better!

Saturday was spent in London at the Quinton Blake exhibition at the British Library and then a late lunch at Sketch. Ruffles and sparkly shoes made the perfect outfit.

Hopscotch fun at Sketch!

Double me made on Sunday with a Cleo and Coco combo. It was super sunny so we went to Flints in Hitchin for ice cream and then had a disposable BBQ for dinner. First BBQ of the year and was very yum. 

My altered Cleo.

Seeing and reading all the posts about #mmmay17 has really got me thinking. Why do I sew? What do i want to get out of sewing? What do I want to achieve? After some thinking I then got on to some planning, my bullet journal has come in handy for this. I’ll share my thinking and planning with you soon. 

As a result of this thinking I decided to do some alterations and repairs rather than rushing into a project. For me sewing clothes is about being able to wear what I make and not have a wardrobe of unwearable garments. I started off with two of my Cleos. 

The most recent Cleo I made I altered the bodice section as the straps sat too wide for my shoulders causing it to gape. This hadn’t stoped me from wearing the Cleos pre alterations but the alteration was a must. Here’s what I did-

• Cut out the buckles attached to the bodice. 

• Using tailors chalk mark on the new bodice shape. Cut.

• Unpick about 2 inches of top stitching from each end.

• Sew, right sides together, joining up to the original sewing lines.

• With wrong sides together re sew the top stitching.

• Attach new buckles to the bodice and done!

Altering Cleos.

Also in my alterations pile was a Coco top I made at the beginning of the year. I’ll admit it was a bit of a rushed make. The sewing was fine but where I had made it into a cropped version the shape wasn’t right meaning the sides stuck out. Here’s what I did- 

• Unpicked hem.

• Marked on new straighter, but not completely straight, the side seams. Sew.

• Re hemmed using a twin needle and done!

Cropped Coco.

I still had a bit of sewing time so I squeezed in a quick repair. Do you remember the tape measure Clemence skirt I changed into a Lilou dress? Well in all the unpicking there were a few small holes near to the hem. Bondawed to the rescue and the holes have now disappeared.

Tape measure Lilou.
It’s surprising what you can accomplish if you only have a small amount of sewing time. In just a few hours I have have four improved, even more wearable, garments to put back in my wardrobe. 

Has #mmmay17 got you thinking?

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