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Finishing Touches

My mum and both my nans have always been very creative so I definitely have the crafting gene from them. I have been sewing and making for as long as I can remember. I loved customising my clothing as a teenager and textiles at school was my favourite subject, I was gutted when they didn’t offer it as an A Level option! Whilst at university I didn’t have time for sewing. This all changed though when I bought my little house. The sewing machine came out of hibernation to make curtains, with the help of my nan, and cushions. Although I loved everything I made for my little home I knew it could be better. Wellcome Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing into my sewing life.

It all started with the Beginner course where we made cushion covers and a bag. Janet showed me Tillys Love at First Stitch book and for me that has been a total wardrobe changer. I went on more of Janet’s courses, including knicker night where I met the amazing Gabby of Gabberdashery. The course that definitely gave me the sewing bug would be the Megan dress. 

When I started sewing clothes I didn’t own an overlocker. I used French seams where I could and was happy with this finish but I couldn’t always work out how to do them on all of the seams. After sewing my first Bettine I knew I had to get an overlocker! I zip zag stitched to finish the seams but they were really untidy. I know people don’t see the insides but i want to feel like I’m wearing a well made garment.

Inside my first Bettine.
If you don’t own an overlocker I would definitely recommend one. For me it has definitely been worth the investment. I got mine from BSK and it wasn’t very expensive. I’ve also heard that the Lidl one is really good and very reasonably priced. I always stock up on the Lidl overlocker thread! 

Just a bit of overlocker thread.
I now finish everything on the overlocker. Except jersey. I’ve yet to try making a jersey garment on the overlocker. To finished jersey I use pinking shears. I know it won’t fray but I think it’s neater.

Pinking shears.
I’m so pleased with the finishing of my latest Bettine dress. 

Inside Bettine.

The only problem I have with the overlocker is curves. I can’t seem to get a smooth curve, especially on facings. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to do this?
An extra finishing touch I always forget to add are my labels. 

Made by Georgina.
I really want to have a go at finishing seams with bias binding. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial for this?

How do you finish you makes?

10 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. If you haven’t yet tried jersey on the overlocker, you’re in for a treat. It’s practically what they were invented for (just look at the seams of rtw jersey garments). For finishing seams with bias binding, search Hong Kong finish. Very neat and tidy, couture looking. Iirc Threads insider has some great tutorials by Kenneth D. King.

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