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The last full week of #mmmay17

Sew… May has gone in a flash. This has been another week with more work days that rest days but I’ve stuck to my pledge

Here’s my week 4 roundup:
Monday to Friday were late shifts. I stay in my pyjamas until I have to put on my uniform so no me made here. But, pyjamas have been put on my to sew list. I don’t think I’ll make any pyjama tops as I have so many RTW t-shirts that I don’t wear and they will be perfect for pyjama tops. It seems pointless to get rid of them to then buy fabric to make similar tops. I don’t like wasting things and am all for reusing.

Although Thursday was a work I finished early so that I could go to Sewing Club, yay! I didn’t have time to get anything sorted for sewing, it was soooo hot I wasn’t thinking properly, so I took a bag of alteration unpicking. 

I couldn’t decide between cake or ice cream so went for both!

This last week the weather has been so nice that I really need more summer dresses. I wore a Cleo to Sewing Club and it wasn’t the coolest!

A not very cool outfit.

Friday before work I went food shopping, exciting stuff, before work so I wore the first Bettine dress I made. I blogged about my latest Bettine dress here

An old photo of me in Bettine.

Finally the weekend came round. As I had only wore my Bettine for 55 minutes I threw her on again, like I said I’m lacking in summer dresses! I didn’t actually post on Instagram as I was busy helping my friend by a house and reversing into pillars (not my car luckily!) and then having a celebratory lunch in the sunshine. In the evening I went to another friends for dinner.

Sunday was spent with Mr C and consisted of some sorting, a trip into Hitchin for some new shoes and a family BBQ. I didn’t technically wear me made today but I had altered my shorts.

When I saw these shorts in Primark I new I had to have them. Who could not buy cacti denim shorts? Even better they were high waisted to hold in my tummy! However they are super short. I don’t think I would have even been happy wearing them abroad. As they were turn-ups I was hoping there would be about an inch that I could un turn and fray the hem to make them longer. 

These shorts are definitely short!

Yes, lots of hidden fabric in the turn-ups. To fray the hems I stitched 1.5cm from the hem around each leg. I was being lazy and didn’t change the needle or thread so have a black twin stitched line around each leg. I then fray the hems to this line. 

3 inch gain!

Not much me made this week but my sewing to do list is growing and I’ll share that with you soon. Only three days left of May and two of those are work days.

How have you been getting on with #mmmay17?

4 thoughts on “The last full week of #mmmay17

  1. The blue dress you wear in the picture is so beautiful! Did you make it? It’s amazing! And you like wearing clothes you made! It’s great thing! I want to try sewing someday , although I’m not good at sewing yet…


  2. The blue dress you wearing in the picture is so beautiful! Did you make it! It’s amazing!! And you like wearing clothes you made! It’s great thing! I want to try sewing someday although I’m not good at sewing yet…

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