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Me Made in Barcelona 

Sew… Last week we went on a mini city break to the very pretty (but extremely busy) Barcelona. Before I went away I had all these plans and ideas about an amazing blog post showing you all the me made outfits I wore in Barcelona but after me made May I definitely noticed some summer shaped holes in my wardrobe. I was quite disappointed at the lack of me made I had packed and felt really guilty about wearing RTW. I know I shouldn’t, especially as my me made wardrobe is in the early stages of its creation. 

We were only in Barcelona for three nights and here’s what me made I did pack.

I was originally hoping to take three dresses for the evenings but was having zip issues with one of the dresses (the zip worked fine off but as soon as I put it on it wouldn’t do up, random!). The week leading up to going I had made the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift dress for an award evening at work. However, after being super pleased with the pattern matching and FBA I attached the sleeves and couldn’t move my arms! The dress was plenty big enough everywhere else and my arms definitely aren’t fat compared to the rest of my body so who knows what happened there. I decided to just take off the sleeves and finished the neck and sleeves with bias binding. I have never done this before and love the finish. I didn’t end up wearing it to the award night in the end as I think sleeveless made it too casual but perfect dinner out outfit!

Awkward posing. Think I need a belt?

The other dress I packed is another recent make, a Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress. I completely forgot to take any photos of me wearing it but here it is.

Not Barcelona but my sunny garden!

I knew it was going to be hot and that we would be doing lots of walking so I packed shorts for during the day. Both pairs I packed were RTW. I did alter the cactus ones as they were so short but just un-turning the turn-ups made them three inches longer. Never be put off but short shorts as you maybe able to lengthen them! 

Me with a mammoth in the cactus shorts.

I didn’t have enough cool floaty tops for every day so I packed my sorbetto top and a Coco t-shirt for the journey home. 

Another awkward pose in Sorbetto.

Home time.

For travelling out to Barcelona I wore these amazing RTW flamingo trousers. These are the ultimate comfort trousers. In my me made may roundup I definitely noticed a lack of lounge wear and I think I need to buy the Marigold pattern to make the trousers. I’m hoping to go to Fab Works Mill at some point this month so if I stumble across some suitable fabric I will definitely be having a go at making some trousers. 

The smallest amount of the trousers on show but it’s the only photo I have of them!

Do you mix and match me made with RTW?

9 thoughts on “Me Made in Barcelona 

  1. Glad you said that about the arms in the soi shift dress . I thought is was my less than brilliant sewing but now I will try to adjust the sleeves

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  2. Reading your blog post it seems you’ve been taking suitable clothes with you to Barcelona. The green dress is so beautiful and your shorts are awesome. My opinion on wearing clothes: I only wear clothes that make me feel comfortable for the occasion. Just keep sewing and wear what gives you confidence whether it’s RTW or Homemade.

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