Destash Part One: books, magazines and patterns.

Sew… With the bathroom 98% finished it means we can start on the spare room, yay! I’m hoping to create a bright room perfect for sewing. I’ve moved everything, apart from the bookcase out, and taken up the carpet. There’s plenty of room for all my sewing and craft supplies but I don’t want the room to end up cluttered and keep things I realistically won’t make use of. 

Some of the books and magazines!

This week I have started sorting through my books, magazines and patterns.

I wouldn’t say I have a lot of sewing books so they don’t take up much room but when I think about how much I use them most of them I haven’t used at all. Don’t get me wrong they are all lovely books with lots of great patterns and ideas. However when I have flicked through them this week the patterns aren’t something I would make for myself. I would rather these books go to good home than sit in the bookcase gathering dust and not being used. 

I’ve kept the reference books I use the most when it comes to sewing and crocheting. And of course I could never be far from my Love at First Stitch book by Tilly and the Buttons. 

My go to books.
My sewing bible!

Now to tackle the growing pile of magazines. In the past I had bought the odd sewing magazine but always found them a bit hit and miss. When I was at The Handmade Fair last year I subscribed to Mollie Makes and Simple Sewing as they had a amazing offer on. Basically you got four issues for £3! How could I say no? The only problem was that after the three months it automatically signed you up to the 6 month subscription unless you cancel. I made a note in my diary to cancel a week before the subscription would come out my bank and I completely forgot so lots of magazines for me!

Magazines taking over the coffee table.

Mollie Makes is a perfect magazine to try out lots of affordable crafts and comes with a free kit. When I would come home to find the magazine on the door mat I was always excited but after a quick flick though it would just get added to the growing pile of magazines on the coffee table. 

I decided a while back that instead of having a go at all crafts like I had in the past I wanted to concentrate on a few which I love doing and really improve my skills to produce good quality lasting makes. My two crafts which I love doing and couldn’t survive without are sewing, mainly dress making, and crocheting. 
The Mollie Makes, complete with kits and papers, have been added to the “need a creative home” pile.

I still need to go through the Simply Sewing magazines and I think that most of them will also end up going to a new home. I have my eye on a few of the free patterns that I may keep but lots of the patterns in the magazine aren’t really for me.

And finally the patterns! Again I wouldn’t say I have masses of patterns but I have a lot of very similar patterns. I got a huge stash of Simple Sew patterns from a local Facebook group and quickly went through the them and decided I needed them all. However now I have laid them all out some of them seem very similar and I’m now trying to decide if I need them all or can just adjust the sleeve length to make the other dress. 

Which patterns do I keep?
My well used patterns have all been kept and I have some that I have definitely decided I want to keep and try out soon. I’ve used Rosa’s, from Sewn, idea of folders to keep the patterns in as you can never get them back in the envelopes neatly!

I’m definitely pleased with this weeks destashing. When it’s moved into the spare room (sewing room!) I’m hoping they will all fit nicely on the bookcase. 

All sorted.
Next week I will be destashing the haberdashery section of my sewing supplies. How often do you destash? Where do you sell all your unwanted things?
If anyone is interested in any books, magazines or patterns let me know as I want them to go to great homes and l’m selling them as super cheap prices. 

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