#2017makenine halfway point

How are we half way through the year already? At the beginning of the year I posted my #2017makenine and started off the year really enthusiastically and quickly made two more Cleo’s, loads of Coco’s, a Clemence skirt and started cutting out the Fancy Forest quilt. Things then seemed to slow down.

Progress so far.
Although I loved the Clemence skirt I decided that skirts don’t really suit me but luckily I had enough fabric left so added a Lilou top to turn it into a dress, yay! 

Clemence to Lilou.
I’m still in love with my Cleo’s, obviously, and have plans for one maybe 2 more! 

All the hearts for Cleo.
This year I have definitely fallen in love with the Coco and you can never have enough of them in your wardrobe so I’ve added lots dresses and t-shirt versions to my collection.

Coco tees.
The lovely Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing has started up a monthly sewing club so I been using that time to cut out the Fancy Forest quilt. So far I have cut out all the coloured pieces and just need to buy the backing colour. I think I might go for grey as I’ve gone for rainbow coloured animals! What do you think?

Another one of my make nine is the Emery dress. I have made this but am not quite ready to cross it off yet. This was my first review project for Minerva Crafts and I love the embroidered fabric I dyed yellow. I still haven’t perfected the fit of the bodice which I want to get right before I cross it off.

Sunflower Emery dress.

The last six months haven’t just been about my make nine. I’ve made an Erin skirt, a Zadie dress, an ultimate shift dress and carried out lots of alterations. For blog posts about all my makes scroll through the archives: 

I often think that I need to sew more and faster and that everyone around me is churning out all these makes every month. Sometimes it can make me feel that I’m not good enough and shouldn’t be part of the sewing community but I love sewing. I keep telling myself to focus on sewing well made items that are going to last and be worn over and over again. So that’s my aim for the next six months and I will complete my #2017makenine.

What have you been up to for the last six months?

2 thoughts on “#2017makenine halfway point

  1. Don’t be disheartened! I’m a very slow sewist and I used to wonder how people could turn out a new garment every week (or more), but I find I enjoy it more if I sew when I feel like it and don’t pressure myself. One garment that’s just right and you’ll wear over and over again is better than 3 that you’ve made just to keep up the pace!

    I LOVE that yellow dress, and I might be a bit jealous of your garden…

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