Destash Part Two: haberdashery 

Sew… July just flew and I think the same is going to happen in August. Even though I’ve been quiet on the blog I have been sewing and destashing so hopefully there will lots of blog posts coming up!

First I’m going to carry on with my destashing. I separated this into three sections; patterns and books, haberdashery and then finally fabric. You can read all about the pattern and book destash here

Today it’s all about haberdashery. I wouldn’t say I have lots of accessories/tools so it was more of a tidy and organise. 

Recently I have definitely been converted to Gutterman threads, all thanks to Hobbycraft and their half price offer! With my new stash of threads all of the mixed matched one I had accumulated of various ages and quality have been cleared out of the sewing box. 

Pretty but I’m totally convert to Gutterman.

Something else I cleared out was bobbins. I had so many which weren’t suitable for my new machine so to save time searching through them whilst sewing I just took out the ones I can’t use.

This was also the perfect opportunity to replace my pins. I have no idea how old my pins were but they were bent, some had the heads missing or the colouring flaking off, and there were so many different types. I found I had four packs of new pins so out with the old and in with the new super sharp straight pins! I’ve gone for a mix of glass headed ones and flat heads.

Old pins.

I also replaced my blunt pinking sheers for a new pair I found.
I use IKEA storage boxes for all my haberdashery bits and pieces. They are super cheaper and stack together. I wanted to make sure everything fitted into these boxes so that was a kind of guide as to how much I would be keeping. My fabric scissors don’t fit in the compartments so they are just stored in the pocket of my sewing machine bag but I’m hoping when the spare room is decorated I’ll have room for a notice board where I can hang a few bits. 

All neat and organised.
The most used box.
Threads, bobbins and pins.
Zips, elastic and bias binding.
Are you a haberdashery hoarder or do you manage to keep it under control?

2 thoughts on “Destash Part Two: haberdashery 

  1. Thanks for the great suggestion of these Ikea boxes for storage! I’ve been searching for an easy fix and this is it. Your blog is new to me and I’m really enjoying reading through your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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