Destash Part Three: fabric 

Sew… the destash is over and I saved the best bit until last, the fabric!

I didn’t think that I had much fabric in my stash but I really do. I hadn’t realised how much it had spread from the box under the bed into the empty chest of drawers, whoops!

Not really knowing where to start I decided to just empty it all out onto the bed and go from there. I made myself a little inventory list in my bullet journal to make it easier when it comes to shopping my stash. 

List at the ready!

I’ll admit I did keep most of the fabric. Anything big enough to be made into a dress was a keeper. Most of the fabric I have had been bought super cheap or given to me and as I’m trying to perfect the fit of a dress bodice these will all be useful in hopefully making lots of wearable toiles for the many dress patterns I want to make.

A rainbow selection of my stash.

There is a theme to my fabric which is colourful and patterned! I don’t have a problem with this at all. Some of my favourite pieces include some Alexander Henry skull design fabrics that aren’t big enough for a dresses but I’m hoping I might be able to squeeze out a bodice and add a plain skirt. 

These prints.
Also in my stash were some smaller pieces. There is only so much fabric I need to keep for pockets and facings right? The small pieces of jersey/knit fabric went into scrap bag for the local charity shop as I didn’t have any use for them at all, along with some of the small pieces of cotton. 

Not including the small pieces of fabric,I did clear out a black sack full of fabric and these were soon snapped up at a car boot sale I did. With the spare room very nearly finished I have an old deed box that I want to store my fabric in. This is also a guide as to how much fabric I’m going to allow myself to have in my stash. It just about fits in and I am determined to use what I have before buying more, unless cotton isn’t suitable for what I want to make! 

Best box in the house!
I do find it quite satisfying to have a supply fabric and notions because if I suddenly find myself with unexpected sewing time then I have everything ready to get started on a project. Saying this I definitely don’t want my supplies to get out of control. With the deed box for fabric and my ikea storage boxes for haberdashery they provide my with a limit as to what I can have stashed away. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to everything having its place so when things start to overspill it can stress me out a bit so this is a perfect solution for me. 

With my inventory complete I have enough fabric to make around 20 dresses and enough zips for them all as well! It’s surprising how much you can fit into the storage boxes. 

Do you regularly clear out your sewing supplies or do does it look like you own a sewing shop?

4 thoughts on “Destash Part Three: fabric 

  1. Fabric hoarding is my biggest issue. I have always been a very considerate spender (including clothes shopping), but I can hardly resist a pretty fabric. Havig had a colour consultation helped, as now at least I can screen out fabric which colour palette wouldn’t suit me without being tempted. I still have issues with everything else though! I am devising a spreadsheet that I hope will help… yesterday I added the latest addition to my collection and it mercilessly counted 37 pieces of fabric, some of which several meters long. *sigh*

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