Me Made Italy Plans

Sew… with a mini holiday planned to Italy in 2 weeks time I thought I should really get started on my holiday makes! I need outfits for travelling and 5 days of relaxing, site seeing and dinners out. With only a hand luggage bag this will be a tight squeeze! Here’s what I’m hoping to take with me.

Travelling – Tilly and the Buttons Marigold trousers. The comfiest trousers I have ever worn! I’ve made one pair already, which will be up on the Minerva Crafts blog in October, and I have cut out another pair from Sew me Sunshines amazing Emily viscose. I just need to sew them up. I’ll most likely pair them with my Coco t-shirts as I always go for comfort when travelling.

Made and to make.
Coco tees.
Relaxing – I definitely won’t be making a swimming costume! I’m not too sure that I would ever be tempted to make one. I’ve seen Katie’s Makes a Dress has made some and they look amazing but I’m still not sure I’m brave enough to venture into swimwear. I need to think of something RTW or a quick make that I can throw on over my swimming costume. Any suggestions? 

Site seeing – RTW wear denim shorts, yes I know RTW but I just haven’t had the time to work on fitting trousers/shorts and definitely don’t want to rush into making some as it would just go horribly wrong. I am hoping to make a couple of tops to go with these. I’m thinking a Colette Sorbetto, a hacked French Navy Orla, obviously!, and possibly a SOI Ultimate Shift Dress top now I’ve fixed the sleeve issue. I have lots of colourful fabric in my stash I’m trying to work my way through so looking forward to picking some out. I have a couple of RTW tops which I love so will be packing those too. 

These pieces should just about be big enough for tops.

Dinners out – yep I’m taking my Orlas with me! The “famous” cactus one and I’ve made another stripy one which I love the placement of strip blocking which I was inspired by selfassemblyrequired version. Now I’ve fixed the sleeve issue with the ultimate shift dress I’ll be adding this dress to the suitcase. I’ve added sleeve to the one I had made a few months ago and now I love it so much more. I don’t think sleeveless is that flattering on me or that could have been because of the pattern placement. I do need to do a bit of unpicking and move the darts if I have time! I’m also hoping to have the Darling dress finished but I still have the FBA to adjust on the pattern. 

Ready to pack.

So that’s not too much sewing to do. Apart from the Darling dress I’ve made all the patterns before so they should be reasonably straight forward. It’s not the most exciting holiday wardrobe but looking forward to having a bit more of a me made suitcase than when we went to Barcelona

Do you leave holiday sewing to the last minute? 

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