Me Made Italy

Sew… I wore me made everyday whilst in Italy, yay! If you didn’t read my Italy plans have a quick read now and then keep reading to see what I wore each day.

Traveling to Italy – A complete Tilly and the Buttons outfit of marigolds and a Coco t-shirt. The comfiest outfit ever. Basically the equivalent of pyjamas that you can wear in public! 

Early morning flight.
I altered the coco pattern to make the t-shirt which I blogged about in more detail here. The fabric was given to me so I can’t tell you where it’s from but it’s a lovely light weight knit (I think).

The viscose for the marigolds is from Minerva Crafts which will be on their website soon. 

A trip to Verona – We weren’t staying too far from Verona and as I had recently been to see Romeo and Juliet performed by the Shakespeare company in the garden at Kings College in Cambridge I knew I wanted to visit the city. I normally like to do a bit of research when we visit new places but didn’t have time as it was a last minute of decision so with a free map from the tourist information we wandered around and tried to see the points of interest marked on the map. 

For our day trip I wanted to wear something pretty to fit in with the romantic vibe. I picked my vintage floral Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress. 

I look best in the out takes!
A quick change for dinner in the hotel restaurant where I probably had the best dinner I have ever had. I wore the dress that needs no introduction, my cactus print French Navy Orla dress. I didn’t take any photos in the evening but surely you have all seen the cactus dress by now? If not here are some more photos. 

Lazy Tuesday – It rained on Tuesday morning but that was OK as we were staying at an amazing spa hotel so we lounged by the indoor pool all day. No me made swimwear and I covered up with the huge dressing gown supplied by the hotel. 

We popped out for dinner and I threw on the cactus dress again.

Lots of ducks and swans on the lake.
Jamaica Beach – We decided to do a little bit of exploring around the lake and headed to Jamaica beach. I wore something new which you haven’t seen before! In a last minute sewing panic I decided I needed some tops! 

The biggest ice cream of the week!
This is the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift dress made as a top with the ruffle sleeves. I was so please that I managed to get this top out of 0.9 X 1.08m of fabric! I did scoop some of the back neck line out so it fitted onto the fabric which is great as it means it fits over my head with no fastening, yay! 

A lazy afternoon in the sunshine and then another amazing dinner in the hotel restaurant and I wore my newest Orla dress.

Our last whole day – we went for a lovely walk along the edge of the lake. Another new top which I made during my last minute sewing panic was this Colette Sorbetto. Again with about 0.9m X 1.2m of fabric I just about squeezed it out. I made a short more boxy cropped (ish) top. I need sleeves when it comes to tops and dresses and had to shorted these to fit all the pieces onto the fabric but I think the length is just right.

Squeezing tops out of small pieces of fabric.

We went out for dinner after watching the sun set from the balcony and I wore the orange Orla again.

Matching the sky.
Home time – Marigolds and a Coco tee, again! This is now officially my go to travelling outfit! The viscose is from the super wonderful amazing Harriet at Sew me Sunshine. I am very lucky to be part of her blogging team and you can read my first blog post here where I talk about these Marigolds with the lovely Joy.

Goodbye sunny Italy.
We had a super time and I’m so pleased that I managed to pack so many me made outfits. I definitely need a few more tops and obviously some more Orlas!

Do you aim for a me made holiday wardrobe?

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