Sew Much Fun

Sew… with 2017 speedily coming to an end I though I would share with you some mini sewing roundup reflection type posts throughout December. I’m going to start off with the amazing sewing community.

This year I’ve been feeling slightly braver and have started going to sewing events, best decisions ever! I don’t know why I was so worried as everyone is so lovely and I’ve made some great friends. It’s weird how growing up you are told not to talk to strangers online yet as an adult (feels weird calling myself an adult!) all my sewing friends were once online strangers! I finally feel like I am a part of the group.

I went to the New Craft House summer party with Joy and Harriet and it was amazing. Those girls are just great. I also met so many “famous” sewers such as Kate from The Foldline. I’m going to the winter party this weekend so let me know if you are going and if not buy a ticket and come along. 

Joy, Harriet, Elle and Me!
As well as meeting sewers from far and wide Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing has started monthly sewing club at one of Bedfords most amazing cake shops, Fancy. These have been great for meeting local sewers. I will definitely put my hand up and admit on a few occasions over the summer when it was too hot to sew I just went along for the salted caramel ice cream! 

Sewing and ice cream at Fancy.
The Cambridge Creatives has definitely been one of my fav places to meet the most inspiring and inspirational girls. Claire is just the friendliest person ever and Sunshine Jo is more sunshiny than the real life sun. We recently had a great sewing day at Escape and Create in St Ives and are planning lots more in the new year. 

Photo by Claire at Escape and Create
I was super lucky to be picked by Harriet of Sew Me Sunshine to be part of her blogging team. This little group of sunshine bloggers come from such different backgrounds yet through our love of sewing we have found we have so much in common and have so many laughs in our group chat. 


The online sewing and creative community is such an amazing place and if ever you’re felt too scared so start a conversation with someone on Instagram or attend a meet up then I would definitely 100% recommend it!
Here’s how to find some of my favs:
Harriet – super lovely and owner on the amazing online fabric shop Sew Me sunshine.
Joy – enthusiastic! go check out her felt brooches and new pins.
Terri-Ann – go cheer her on to get her etsy shop open! 
Jo – one word “Sunshine”, bestest pins and sunshineness around. 
Claire – lover of glitter and can spot a bike a mile off!
Elle – so inspiring and a fantastic sewer.
Jen – a sewer and a mum, proving that you can do both!

And last but not least the Sunshine Bloggers:

Ella – I don’t know how anyone can sew so quickly!

Maddie – the tiniest cutest sewer! 

Rudy – I don’t know how she fits in working, sewing, Guides and designing pins! 

Zoe – all young people need to take note and follow Zoe’s lead.

Emma – another super hardworking lady that still manages to sew so much!

Harriet of Hobbling Handmades needs no introduction!
Sorry for a slightly cringe post but these girls really are great and make my sewing adventures even more fun. 

6 thoughts on “Sew Much Fun

  1. What an awesome post. It really resonates with me about making sewing connections and then sewing friends. I loved my Wales meet up recently and can’t wait to meet up with more sewing friends soon. Thanks so much for including me too. And yes I do sew as much as I can – but you should see the layer of dust in my house – haha! Xxx

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  2. Awww I love this so much! I know I can’t believe I didn’t know any of you guys at the beginning of this year and now you’re all my
    sewing besties! Also, I’m not mental, I’m enthusiastic.

    Liked by 1 person

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