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Make Nine 2017 Roundup

Sew… the year started off with lots of sewing but did I manage to make all nine makes throughout the year? Keep reading to find out!

Here’s the nine makes I picked:

Yes I am a massive Tilly and the Buttons fan!

Tilly and The Buttons – Agnes ~ so I didn’t get any of these made. I’m not going to make this post a list of excuses but the reason is I already have plenty of similar ready to wear tops so didn’t actually need anymore. Another aim for 2017 was to sew from my stash and I didn’t have any suitable fabric to make an Agnes. By autumn/winter 2018 I will definitely need some Agnes tops in my me made wardrobe and have hopefully of made a dent in my stash so I can justify buying some fabric!

Tilly and the Buttons – Coco ~ complete opposite for this pattern and I made 4 dresses and 4 tops! I absolutely love this pattern. Perfect for super comfy dress and t-shirts. I also adapted the pattern to make a velvet top for the festive season. I’ve blogged about most of them here and here.

Perfect for all occasions.
Tilly and the Buttons – Cleo ~ yep it was a very top heavy TATB patterns and yes I made 3 of these! A yellow one with a heart pocket, a super soft Liberty one and as watermelon one!

The Cleo is a super fun dress.

Christine Haynes – Emery ~ well I did make this dress but the fit wasn’t right. It was this dress that made me tackle the FBA. I used the French Navy Orla pattern to practice this on and the fit was perfect. I have since become addicted to the Orla dress so haven’t made any other dresses! I will definitely hack the Orla bodice with the Emery neckline. 

A very summery Emery.

Simply Sewing Magazine – Audrey ~ have you ever found “the” dress pattern? Well I found that with the Orla. It’s so hackable, with so many variations for the neckline, sleeves and skirt. I therefore haven’t made any other dresses since the Orla. I have to do a large FBA and alter the neck as I always find they gape. To do this on every pattern it would become a chore and I want sewing to always be fun. This was another of the nine patterns that I didn’t make but I will definitely hack the Orla with the Audrey skirt. 

When you wear Orla you have to look to the right!

Sew Over It – Ultimate Trousers ~ yep I didn’t make these either. I’ve never made trousers before so wanted to start with a more relaxed fitting trousers. I decided to try the TATB Marigold trousers as I know that Tilly’s patterns and instructions are amazing. I’ve made two pairs of these, one for Minerva and one for Sew me Sunshine. I can definitely see more in my future.

I have a thing with matching poses!
Tilly and the Buttons – Clemence Skirt ~ yay a pattern I made! I loved this skirt but then decided that skirts don’t really do anything for me. Luckily I had fabric left over so turned the skirt into a TATB Lilou dress which I wore throughout the summer. 

Clemence to Lilou.

Elizabeth Hartman – Fancy Forest Quilt ~ I haven’t finished this but I’ve made a good start. All the coloured sections are cut out. Just the black, white and background fabric to go! And then for all the sewing together. This is a project I have been working on at the Bedford Sewing Club run by Kitchen Table Sewing.

Organised cutting.

Crochet Blanket ~ the final make was a geometric crochet blanket. Although I love crocheting blankets I really don’t need anymore. So I have decided to focus my crocheting on something that will be used… a cardigan! I’ve never attempted to crochet anything but a blanket but I am so pleased. It’s not quite finished yet, just needs sewing together but I’m sure it’s going to be a great make. Fingers crossed as I would love to make more for my me made wardrobe.

Nearly finished.
So even though I haven’t completed all nine makes I am super pleased with what I have made and there are lots of other makes that I haven’t mentioned above that have been made throughout the year. In total I have made 19 dresses, 5 tops, 2 trousers, 2 skirts, 2 pairs of espadrilles and a cardigan (well nearly!). 
Now I’m busy planning my #2018makenine. 

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