I Crochet.

Sew… on my #makenine2017 there was a crochet blanket. I love crocheting and for me it’s the perfect crafting activity for cold winter evenings. However I have more than enough blankets so really didn’t need another. I wasn’t sure I would be able to crochet a cardigan so got my mum to make me one. But one evening whilst getting lost in Pinterest I found some free patterns for crochet cardigans so decided to just give it a go and if it went completely wrong I could get my mum to re do it!

My mum made cardigan!

Inspired by Maddies (@thimblebee) mustard cardigan she had crocheted I decided I wanted one too so off to Hobbycraft I went! I picked this Women’s Institue Mustard Soft and Smooth Aran wool. It always seems to be on offer which is great as you can get three 400g balls for only £20 which is plenty to make a cardigan.

So in love with my first cardigan.

The pattern is the Yarnspirations Caron adult v neck cardigan. It’s for beginners and only has 5 pieces. It comes in 6 sizes so to make the pattern easier to follow I highlighted my size for each step so that the pattern was quicker to follow.

I was super amazed at how the ribbing came together. The little things right?! The cardigan comes together really quickly and It’s definitely possible to get one made in a couple of weeks.

Look at the ribbing.

The cardigan fits great and I’m so pleased with my first attempt. It’s super soft too which I wasn’t expecting from acrylic wool. When crocheting on the band I didn’t add the button holes as I would never to it up but I still added these cute vintage flower buttons as I thought I would look a bit plain.

Cute flower shaped buttons that you can’t really see!

I would definitely say this pattern is beginner friendly. It’s basically doubles and trebles with some increasing and decreasing. The pattern is American so remember to use the correct stitches as they vary from the UK stitches. Why can’t they be the same everywhere!

I’ve already started making a second one and this time I’ve gone for the round neck version of the pattern. I’m also using the same wool in the blue.

Next one.

Im so pleased I pushed myself to crochet outside of my comfort zone. I know want to crochet everything! I would love to make a cable effect cardigan but don’t know if that’s possible with crocheting? I can knit but I just find it takes forever! Also crochet socks would be amazing. Would love some pattern recommendations if you have any. What are you crocheting at the moment?

And just a quick note about some amazing customer service from Hobbycraft. With bigger companies I find their customer service can be amazing or completely non existent. On this occasion it was great. In my local store they only had one ball of the blue wool but assured me it would be back in stock the following week so I purchased it. However after checking for the next couple of weeks it was always out of stock and unavailable online. I called their customer service to enquire when it would be back in stock and was told that it wouldn’t be for a few months. Disappointed that I wanted to get my cardigan finished, because what use is a chunky knit cardigan in the spring, they called one of the stores that had the some in stock and asked them if they would be able to send it to my local store which they did, yay! So I can now finish my cardigan, whoop. Have you had any great customer service recently?

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