You Do Have Time

Sew… Recently I’ve been feeling like I don’t have enough time for sewing and perhaps I should just give up. Being miserable and speaking to my amazing sewing friends they suggested focusing on small chunks of sewing time rather than a whole day. This was the best advice ever as its been working so well and I feel like I’ve been sewing more than when I was giving myself a day for sewing.

Amazing sewing friends.

Here’s some tips of things that I have been doing to make the most out of my time.

Be Tidy – If you are lucky enough to have a sewing room then keep it tidy! Get into the habit of tidying as you go. When you have finished cutting out put your weights and rotary cutter away and just keep out when you need. I always keep my pins, stork scissor and unpicker right next to my machine. Everything else is kept tidy in a storage box. If you don’t have a dedicated sewing space then it’s definitely a good idea to be organised. You know exactly where everything is and don’t need to spend ages searching for everything which will take up valuable sewing time.

Ikea make the best storage boxes. I found these in the children’s section.

Set Up – If you can set up your sewing area before your allocated sewing time. If you have to use the dining room table then set up your machine after dinner ready for sewing in the morning.

Machines at the ready!

10 Minute Tasks – If you have a spare 10 minutes during you day why not make a few bobbins ready for your project or thread your machine or check the tension on a scrap of the fabric or check your Overlocker is threaded and working. Mine always seems to come unthreaded when I don’t have time to sit and rethread it. All these little tasks only take a few minutes and mean you have more time to do some actual sewing.

Stay neutral.

Washing and Ironing – Another good habit to get into is washing your fabric as soon as you get it. Put it straight in the washing basket and once washed add it to the ironing pile. No more waiting around when you could be sewing.

Sewing – Don’t try and make a dress in an hour. Yes lots of people mention about how quickly they have made something but don’t worry about what they do just concentrate on you. I am not a quick sewer and if it takes me a week or a month to finish a garment then so be it. Break down your make into small sections that you know is achievable. Cutting out. Darts. Bodice. Sleeves. Zip. Skirt. Hem. This week I’m making another Orla and at the end of the week I’ll let you know how long each section took.

Multiple Makes – If you know what you want go get made in the next few weeks or over the month then cut everything out at the same time. Or if you are making two or three versions of the same pattern then do each step on all the garments rather than making one and then starting on the next on. Try using a neutral colour thread that works with all the fabrics so you don’t need to keep changing it. I always used to colour match my thread but recently I’ve stuck to black, grey or white. Although I do like a coloured top stitching.

My Coco tees

The message I’m trying to get across is you do have time. You will be so surprised at what you can fit it. Yes working on a brand new pattern you have never tried before will take longer but it is still possible to make it in 20 minute or 30 minutes sewing slots. Quality well made garments will last you so much longer and you will love them so much more than if you rushed and it wasn’t your best sewing.

How do you manage your sewing time?

9 thoughts on “You Do Have Time

  1. I’ve absolutely been feeling like this lately. I have soooo many project ideas floating around in my head which I want to find time for, and then when I do actually get some time to sew, I’m not sure. where to start with it all and get a bit overwhelmed. Lately, I’ve been trying – like you – to do a little bit as and when I can.

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  2. Fabulous advice! It is often true that we have more time available than we realise. I love to get little tasks done in moments when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or for my tea to be ready. You can easily pin a seam together or knit a row or two in those times and it’s incredible the way these little efforts add up to a bigger achievement in no time at all.

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    1. Little bits at a time is definitely working for me. I find if I have a whole day I end up putting off the sewing, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the thought of having to make a complete garment in one go and being pressured to do it x


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