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Stretch at Sew Me Sunshine

Sew… I’ve sewn my first garment from Tilly’s new book Stretch, yay! I made the Stella hoodie, with a few hacks. No photos at the moment but hopefully I will get some at the weekend then I’ll talk you through what I did.

Sneak peak!

Tilly’s first book, Love at First Stitch, and Janet from Kitchen Table Sewing are definitely to blame for my sewing hobby! If it wasn’t for both of them I would never have fallen in love with sewing or been confident enough to make clothes. As soon as Tilly announced she was releasing her second book I couldn’t wait. I had seen some sneak peaks on Tilly’s Instagram so started planning all the stretch sewing. Not having much stretch in my stash I decided to use up what I had before going on a stretch shopping spree. My Stella hoodie is made out of some amazing fleece backed sweat shirting from Sew Me Sunshine, unfortunately it’s not longer in stock. I was super lucky to visit Sew Me Sunshine HQ last week and got to see all the fabrics in real life which was just heaven. I now have a huge stretch wish/shopping list which I thought I would share with you of my favourite fabric for each project from the Stretch book.

Working through the book first up is the Bibi. Definitely going to jump right in and make the Bibi pinafore hack. When I was at uni, so long ago!, I had the most amazing pinafore dress that this definitely reminds me of. I’m thinking a navy ponte one. I was super speedy and managed to get some of the red stripy crab fabric, which unfortunately sold out very quickly, which I think will make a perfect top to go underneath it. Very summery and nautical outfit.

I’m going to go for a totally crazy Frankie baseball t-shirt and mix/clash some patterns. What do you think about the catwalk for the bodice and some raspberry pink stripes for the sleeves?! Totally mental but awesome at the same time right?

Everyone has gone totally crazy for the mustard Freya modelled by the beautiful Zeena. Inspired by this I would love a Freya out of this striped sleek sun cotton jersey. I love the striped Freya’s I’ve seen popping up on Instagram. These stripes are perfect for having a go at pattern matching and you can have the stripes going vertical or horizontal across the ruffle adding an extra feature.

Now for some ultimate luxury lounge wear. The Stella hoodie and joggers must be made out of some Atelier Brunette dazzle night French terry. These will definitely be secret pyjamas with a bit of sparkle.

And last but not least the Joni. Perfect for twirling about in day or night. If only you could reach into your screen and touch this brushed jersey. It is to die for. There are no words to describe how soft if it. It really is the softest fabric ever.

So this is my shopping list for the Stretch book. What should I make first and what Sew Me Sunshine fabrics have you got your eye on?

This is NOT an ad and does NOT contain affiliate links I just LOVE Sew Me Sunshine!

Book photos take by me. Fabric photos taken from

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