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Sewing Mila

Sew… I’ve made dungarees and yes it was the Tilly and the Buttons Mila pattern. You can never go wrong with TATB patterns so for my first ever pair of dungarees I definitely wanted these to be my starting point.

Going by the size chart measurements I was slightly bigger than the biggest size. I know it’s only a number but it’s upsetting that the largest size is said to be a UK size 20 especially when I wear a UK size 12/14. But never mind I should be used to the huge differences in clothing sizes. I was hoping for a loose fit as I knew the fitted version wouldn’t suit me but went ahead anyway and made the largest size.

I was at Sew Me Sunshine HQ having a sewing day with the lovely Harriet so decided to take these along with me. In the days before our sewing day I used what little time I had to get everything ready. I didn’t attempt pattern matching so I cut them out in a spare half an hour and whilst cooking dinner one evening I ironed on all the interfacing and pressed the straps and pockets. I have blog post here on sewing in small chunks of time if you fancy a read.

Ready to sew!

When I made my Ginger Jeans my machine didn’t really like the top stitching thread. It kinda bobbled on the inside. I decided against a contrasting top stitching for the Milas and used regular thread in black. This also saved lots of faffing about and changing threads whilst sewing.

As I say every time Tilly’s instructions are super and the Milas came together really easily. One bit I always struggle with are curves on the over locker so I decided to bind the edge of my front bib facing. I now want to wear them inside out they are so neat! Anyone else a bit OCD with the neatness on the inside?

Is it ok to want to wear them inside out?

It was hard to try them on for fit as I was going along as they didn’t stay up without the side buttons or clips for the straps. I did manage to get an idea for the fit of the trousers though by holding them up and they were definitely plenty big enough.

I’m rubbish at hammering in the buttons and they always end up bent so the boy very kindly did all 8 buttons for me! He is super! The Prym clips really hold the straps in places so I didn’t bother sewing the straps in place. Plus this means I can alter them if I need to.

Now for the first proper fit test… phew they fit! The trousers are nice and big like I wanted them to be and the front bib sit as nicely as it can over my gigantic bust!

Photoshoot fringe issues!

Pin close up! My new FBA club pins available here.

The only fit issue is that the front waist band seems to dip about 1 inch in the centre and cuts at my widest point. I can’t work out if I need to lengthen the top of the trouser pieces or curve the waist band? I could probably do with sizing down at the waist too as I have about 3 inch spare. The good point about this is you don’t need to use the buttons so they are really easy to get on and off. I don’t think I would ever omit these from another pair as it think they are a really nice dungaree feature.

I like the rolled up and glitter trainers look.

The gorgeous fabric is from Sew Me Sunshine. Unfortunately Harriet has sold out of this print but has this equally as gorgeous Dominique stretch cotton. I wasn’t going to make another pair but this fabric is kinda making me want to! This stretch cotton is amazing to sew with and wear. It makes me want to live in my Milas. If only work would approve of them as my uniform!

Image from Sew Me Sunshine.

What’s your go to dungaree pattern?

Added 17/10/2020 – unfortunately due to the unflattering position of the waistband I only wore these a couple of times before passing them on. Such a shame as I loved the fabric and it was one of my nearest sews.

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