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Sew… I will be taking part in Me Made May and I will be wearing me made daily, unless I go straight from work uniform into my pjs or visa versa!

After seeing all of the Fashion Revolution posts recently it’s really got me thinking about my sewing. From now on I’m only sewing what my wardrobe actually needs. Yes I will still make dresses for certain occasions but I will make sure that they will also be worn again and again. I also want to make sure I make quality items out of quality fabric. I’m not going to waste anything in my stash so it will all get used up but future fabric shopping will be planned with projects in mind.

My amazing collection of Sew Me Sunshine Stretch fabrics which I have projects planned for, keep reading!

During the month I’m going to work out what I actually wear in my wardrobe, what’s in my fabric stash, what pattern I have and finally what my wardrobe needs.

I had a spare bit of time the other day so I did a quick wardrobe declutter and took out everything I know I don’t and won’t wear again. These have either gone into the eBay, car boot or charity/fabric scrap pile. What ever doesn’t sell on eBay will go to the car boot and anything left will go to the charity shop. All my fabric scraps left over from sewing projects go to the local charity shop as they can recycle it in return for money. There’s also a few garments for altering which will get done this month. At the end of May I will do another wardrobe clear out.

Current view of my wardrobe.

With a slightly emptier wardrobe I can definitely see that I need more casual everyday dresses for the summer. I live in my Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress in the colder months so have decided to make some short sleeve t-shirt versions for the summer along with some Tilly and the Buttons Agnes dress hacks. It just so happens that I have some suitable fabric in my stash to make three dresses.

With a plan of action for the month I’m excited to step away from sewing a fast fashion wardrobe. I’m not aiming for no duplicates and I won’t be going crazy and making lots of new garments for the challenge. Yes I will still be sewing as there are lots of holes in my wardrobe and I’m trying to step away from my Cleos and Cocos! I’ll share my sewing plans list with you at the end of the month.

I heart Cleos and Cocos!

Are you taking part? What have you pledged?

If you scroll back through my blog posts there are post on Cleos and Cocos and last years destash and last years #mmmay17!

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