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#mmmay18 days 11-20

Sew… two thirds of the way through May and it’s safe to say I wear me made all the time. Ok so this is a slight exaggeration but if I’m leaving the house I wear me made. Not because I think I have to but because I want to and because they are the only clothes that fit me. I have such an issue finding dresses that fit that it’s so nice to be able to wear something that does fits my shape. As I’ve said many times before my lounging round the house clothes are lacking in being me made but once they are worn out I’ll be making versions of them. I don’t see the point of making them now just to have them me made. I’m trying to cut down on fast sewing and want to concentrate on spending my time making what I need in my wardrobe to get the most wear out of everything I make/already own.

Right here’s what I’ve been wearing the last 10 days:

Friday 11th was a work day but we had a BBQ for in the evening and I definitely dressed for the season and not the weather and was freezing in my French Navy Orla!

All the photos at the BBQ are of me under a blanket so here’s a pic where you can actually see the dress!

My Saturday and Sunday were completely messed up with being called into work in the middle of the night so I went straight from uniform to pjs.

I finally got to wear one of my most recent makes out of some brilliant tropical parrot jersey from Sew Me Sunshine, sorry it’s sold out. I made the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top and hacked it into a dress with a pleated skirt. It’s so comfy!

A denim jacket is on my to sew list and is all cut out ready as this one really doesn’t fit!

I’m pretty sure on Tuesday I didn’t even get dressed and had a day of sewing in my pjs. Feel free to judge me I don’t care!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were late shifts so again I went from pjs to uniform and back again but I did make a effort on Friday before work as I went to see my nan as it was her birthday. I wore another recent male from my jersey sewing day and wore a short sleeved Tilly and the Buttons Coco out of some amazing cactus print fabric Harriet named after me and it was obviously super popular as it’s sold out!

Every sewist needs a ric rac cactus!

On Saturday I had the bestest day with the bestest sewing girls, Harriet and Joy, in Cambridge and went for an amazing afternoon tea at the Tamburlaine and Jacks Gelato. I wore my first and most fav Orla dress.

Love this dress.

Best people, amazing food, sunshine and me made dresses.

And on day 20 I wore another, yes I’ve just realised I’ve worn three cactus dresses in a row, cactus print dress, the 2018 version of the cactus Orla. I had a little stall at the first ever Bedford Flea and it was a perfect sunny day.

You can buy my cards and pins over in my etsy shop.

So from the last 10 days I’ve again realised that pj bottoms definitely need to be bumped up the huge sewing to do list. Otherwise at the moment I’m happy with everything I’ve been wearing. I still have a mini mending pile and so much on my to sew list but they are new patterns to add some variety to my (cactus) dress collection.

Read my pledge here and see what I wore on days 1-10 here.

How’s your #mmmay18 going?

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