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#mmmay18 21st – 31st

Sew… Me Made May is all done for another year. There’s been a lot of repeats the last 10 days but I’m totally ok with that. I don’t want to fill my wardrobe up with me mades just for the sake of it as I would never of had that many RTW clothes to wear something different everyday for a month. I’ll share a quick round up then let you know what I’ve learnt from taking part.

On Monday I went for a walk and lunch with a friend so again wore my Marigolds and a Coco tee.

Definitely one of my fav and most worn outfits this month.

After work on Tuesday I had my latest Simple Sew make to photograph so we went for a little walk around the village to find the perfect backdrop.

Yes I’m in the churchyard!

Wednesday was a work day and I got in and out on my pjs as it was cold and miserable out!

I made more of an effort on Thursday after work and wore one of my latest jersey dresses and went for the parrot Agnes dress.

My Sew Me Sunshine jersey stash dresses.

Again Friday was another day of uniform to pjs! I’m so lazy.

On Saturday we went to the seaside for the day so went for my red and white stripy jersey dress with little crabs for a nautical theme!

When in Cromer wear crabs!

Sunday was another day in my Marigolds and a different Coco tee.

Sunday afternoon in the garden with Suzy Magazine.

I can’t really remember what I wore on Monday but I think it was my jersey cactus Coco.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more uniform to pj days.

And I finished off Me Made Made with the same dress I started the month in, my Slow Sunday dinosaur pinafore, this time with a Coco tee.


So the last 10 days have all been repeats, I think, but like I said at the beginning of this post I don’t mind.

Am I lazy going straight from work uniform to pjs? Should I make some Stella jogging bottoms and some Helen’s Closet leggings for lounging round the house in the evenings after work?

So this month I have been thinking lots about my sewing. I sew because I love it and I love it even more that I can make clothes that fit. Something I feel that Instagram can be quite competitive to sew the most and the quickest and to get the most likes but for me that doesn’t make it so fun anymore. From now on I’m going to sew what I want and at my own post. For this reason I have decided to give up blogging for Simple Sew.

I am going to push myself though to improve my sewing and learn new skills. Im going to start with some summer dresses and I have three dress patterns that I have never made before so am excited to give them a go. Also on the list is a denim jacket.

Did you take part in #mmmay18 and manage to do what you pledged?

3 thoughts on “#mmmay18 21st – 31st

  1. I love all your makes and of course it’s ok to repeat as who doesn’t do this with their shop bought wardrobe, so we can do it too. If you are planning on making a denim jacket the Burda Young 7018 is my favourite pattern and always turns out well.

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