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Yellow Coat Club

Sew… I made a denim jacket, whoop! I am so bloody pleased with myself. I never thought I would be able to make a jacket, an actual wearable jacket. I assumed I would be making simple dresses forever. The Love to Sew podcast has been really inspiring me that I can do it and it just goes to show that pushing yourself really works. I didn’t even think twice about ordering the Seamwork Magazine Audrey denim jacket pattern. With the pattern ordered and printing out, I hopped straight over to Sew Me Sunshine and purchased the most amazing yellow denim, be quick there’s only enough left to make one jacket!

I’m not going to waffle through the construction process as it’s all pretty straight forward but here are a few bits to watch out for.

Sizing – I would definitely recommend checking your measurements against the finished measurement sizes as it has approx 7 inch of ease. For my version I dropped two sizes as I wanted a more fitted look. I’m considering making the arms in a smaller size next time as they feel quite big but I will definitely check the fit with a jumper underneath first as I don’t want to go too small.

Pretty happy with the fit.

Making the cuffs – DON’T top stitch! It’s much easier to do this once you have attached them to the sleeves. I would also recommend making the button holes at this stage as I know my machine is a lot less temperamental during button hole-ing when there is less fabric to guide through. I have started holding the garment up to save the machine have to try and pull it along, fingers crossed that so far this has given perfect button holes every time!

I know the bar tack is quite large but my machine didn’t like smaller ones!

Sleeve construction – the instructions tell you to see up the sleeve once you have sewn together the three pieces. However, when it comes to inserting the sleeves it tells you to insert them flat. I much prefer the flat method and being in denim I thought this would be much easier so I had to unpick the seams. You then just whizz along the side and sleeve seams in one go. I didn’t measure the sleeve length prior to cutting out so before adding the cuffs I took up the sleeves by 2 inches. I didn’t do this the correct way so on the next version I will definitely be altering the pattern pieces before cutting out the fabric.

I was really surprised that I managed to make my jacket in two days! This was a huge shock as I would definitely consider myself a slow sewist. I had a RTW denim jacket on hand to compare against just to make sure I was doing it right. The instructions are brief and to the point. They tell you what to do but not how to do it, there’s no Tilly holding you hand and being there every step of the way! It’s classed as an intermediate pattern. My personal opinion on this is that it’s down to the instructions. If you can sew then go for it. At the end of the day it’s only fabric, yeh I heard that on Love to Sew! I had never made cuffs, or welt pockets or a collar before and in my eyes they worked perfect first time.

Yes to my first welt pockets being a success! Head over to my Instagram to have a peak inside them.

Very pleased with all my topstitching.

I definitely think this jacket has improved my confidence massively when it comes to sewing. I don’t think there’s any pattern that I wouldn’t at least try now. Yes there’s still going to be lots of trial and error and not everything is going to be as successful as this first time but don’t you just feel great when your hard work pays off? I know I will always have my Orla’s to fall back on when I need a quick and easy sew to perk me up when I’ve had a bad sew!

As always, after trying a new pattern and it being a success I want to make more! However, I’m just going to make one more for now as I’m trying to get out of the habit of fast sewing aka fast fashion. I’m going to make a more traditional denim jacket out of Mr C’s old work jeans. My RTW jacket is a bit too small, I’ve had it about 15 years!, so I’m going to donate it as it isn’t ready for fabric scrap bag just yet.

What sewing pattern has really pushed you? Does anyone else had a go to sewing pattern for a confidence boost?

8 thoughts on “Yellow Coat Club

  1. This is gorgeous! I’ve been mulling over what denim jacket pattern to buy and seeing yours has sealed the deal for me. It looks increds!


  2. I love your cheerful denim jacket! I have never even owned a denim jacket, but I really am tempted by this pattern because I imagine that a denim jacket would be a super versatile addition to my wardrobe.


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