#2018makenine halfway

Sew… it’s half way though the year so I thought I would update you on how I’m getting on with my #2018makenine. I’m actually doing quite well! Five out of the nine are made. As in previous years I start off really well and then I just go off and make all the other things that catch my eye and forget about my make nine! Here’s my original blog post I wrote about my #2018makenine if you want to see what my plans were for the year.

My #2018makenine

Right a quick round up of the five I’ve made.

First one ticked off the list was my octopus Peak t-shirt dress from Wendy Wards latest book. Read my blog post here. This is the comfiest dress and the fabric is amazing!

Yay for pink octopi!

Next up a pattern that really pushed my sewing skills, Ginger Jeans! I love them and I’m so glad I was brave and took the jean plunge. Yes they aren’t a perfect fit but I’m going to make more until I have the bestest pair of jeans. Read my blog post here. I’m going to link to all my blog posts rather than repeating myself and making this the longest post ever.

I made jeans!

Back to a simple sew and I made the Named Clothing Ninni Culottes. Unfortunately these weren’t quite for me even though they are really comfy. As my legs are my slimmest part I really need something more fitted as these just drown me.

Best fabric ever!

Yes of course I’ve made an Orla and a cactus one at that. This is my 2018 version of the cactus Orla! Everyone should have a tried and tested quick and easy make. It’s perfect for a quick sewing fix or to get you back into sewing if you temporarily lost your sew jo. What’s your TNT pattern?

This really is my perfect go to pattern.

And the fifth make from my #2018makenine are the Tilly and the Buttons Milas. Yes I know these weren’t on my list but I decided to make these rather than the Cotton and Chalk Sunday Set. As you probably all know I’m a mega Tilly fan and wanting to jump on the dungaree bandwagon I knew it would be the Milas. Although I love them and do wear them I know they aren’t the most flattering as the waist cuts at my widest point. I’m sure I will make them again and I’ll definitely be adjusting the pattern slightly to suit my shape more.

Super comfy.

As well as making these five items I’ve also made lots of other garments that I’m super proud of. Have a read through my blog or scroll through my Instagram feed to see what I’ve been up to. There has been lots of new patterns where I’ve mastered the FBA and patterns that have pushed my sewing skills which were all part of my goals and plans for 2018.

When it comes to the other four makes in my #2018makenine I still have plans to make them all. I’m still after a flattering pinafore dress so hoping the McCalls M7626 will be the perfect starting point and the Bettine/Marigold hack is high up on my to make list. The fabric options may change as I really have been working through my stash and using up lots of the cottons for toiles. I kinda want my stash to be at zero or more realistically no more than five pieces by the end of the year, eek!

How’s your #2018makenine going?

It’s going well.

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