Happy Fabrics

Sew… I was super excited to be invited to spend the day at Happy Fabrics with the lovely Hayley and Jaymie.

Happy Fabrics specialise in heat transfer vinyl’s and they have their own brand Happy Presses available to purchase. There are 8 different types of vinyl available and so so so many colours to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. There is loads of inspiration on their Instagram feed and free downloads available on their website.

I was asked to come up with a couple of projects I wanted to make during the day and here’s what I did…

I had made a batch of Stellan tees (fabric gifted from Minerva and blog post coming soon) so decided to add a sewing themed slogan to them. We used Silhouette to pick the fonts and cut out the vinyl on the Silhouette cutter. Weeding out the designs is so satisfying! Then over to the heat press and its like they have always been a part of the tees.

I also wanted to design a pair of trainers to wear to and from work. These were slightly more fiddly but totally worth the extra time of making a template, cutting it out by hand and using the iron to press the vinyl. We did use Silhouette to cut out the font but the rest was cut out by hand.

I cannot wait to add vinyl to everything now! The possibilities are endless, well on fabric items they are!

My day was gifted by Happy Fabrics and I was NOT asked to post or share but I am because I really do think it’s a brilliant product. You don’t need a fancy cutter or heat press, a pair of scissors and an iron will work just as well so its perfect for everyone.

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