Helen’s Closet – Yanta x York Hack

I really love the Yanta overalls and I really love the York pinafore so thought I would magic them together and this is what I got…

and I really love this too.

I’ve never hacked two patterns together before and I really loved the process of creating a whole new pattern. It was really simple to do, I don’t know if it’s because both patterns are by Helens Closet so are drafted the same.

Here’s a little run through of what I did. Unfortunately I didn’t photograph the process as I was doing it but the hopefully these pictures make sense..

Trace the top half of the Yantas onto your preferred medium, I’m a Swedish tracing paper fan!

Lay the York pieces on top, matching up the centre line and the waist corner point (I’m sure there is a technical term for this).

As the Yantas have waist darts the pattern pieces are wider than the York. From where the corner points meet trace the line of the York skirt to the hem.

Do this for the front and back pieces.

You won’t need to alter the Yanta straps.

I decided to fully line mine to give the fabric a bit more structure so I just cut out the front and back pieces in lining material. If you’re not doing this then just cut out the Yanta lining pieces but remember to alter them at the sides to match your new pieces.

You have so many pocket options you can add so just pick your fav. I went with the Yanta chest pocket.

Now what do we call this? Yark, Yak, Yorta?

Here’s what the back looks like.

Amazing jumbo cord from Sew Me Sunshine.

Lining fabric from India, buttons are vintage from Spain.

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