Sew… I didn’t do a 2019 make nine as my 2018 was forgotten about halfway through the year which wasn’t that much better than my 2017 attempt. However I’ve decided to give it another go but Im doing it a bit differently. 

Going forward I really want to think about what I need, use what I already have and reduce my waste. So here’s what I’m planning for my #makenine2020, I’ve picked three WIPs, three “I’ve got everything ready” and three alterations. 

The three WIPs are:
✂️ Three French Navy Stellan tees. I cut these out back in October and still haven’t sewn them up even though they are really needed in my wardrobe.
✂️ A Tilly and the Buttons Bettine which was also cut out a few months ago I’m fabric I’ve had forever. I do love to batch cut but maybe I should start limiting how many projects I cut out at a time!
✂️ Two Close Case Patterns poufs. They just need sewing together and filling with scraps. I’ve got three sacks of scraps but I think I’ll need more! Theses are going to be “his and hers”. Mine is out of denim, navy jumbo cord and orange denim and the boys is from his old paint stained work jeans. 

The three “I’ve got everything ready” are:
✂️ A Helens Closet Pona jacket. I’m using some dusky pink teddy bear fabric from Sew Me Sunshine which does have a bit of a stretch so I’m going to fully interface it so it doesn’t go saggy and then line it.  
✂️ A Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt. This time I’m going for a plain black one. With so many prints in my wardrobe I really must make some plain garments to go with everything. I’ve got some black Lady McElroy denim from Minerva (fabric gifted). Jean button and zip already in my stash. 
✂️ A pair of Helens Closet Yanta overalls. I love love love my first pair and cannot wait to make this pair using some amazing green Robert Kaufman twill from Sew Me Sunshine. I’m hoping I will get them done before my birthday next week. 

The three alterations:
✂️ To shorten my Sew Over It Penny dress. I think it will suit be better a couple of inches shorter as it sits a couple of inches below my knee.
✂️ To secure all the elastic in my Tilly and the Buttons Marigold trousers and Helens Closet Winslow culottes. It drives me mad that it keeps twisting. In my most recent pairs I’ve already sewn it in and it makes such a difference. 
✂️ I haven’t worn my boob skirt at all. I don’t think the style is very me. I’m thinking about making it into a Sew Over It Erin skirt. Or seeing if I can shorten it and take out some of the volume. Hopefully something that won’t effect the piping and pattern matching too much. 

So there’s my plans. In theory these should all get finished, made and altered reasonably quickly. I’m definitely going to try my hardest to get them done before getting distracted by something else. 

Have you made any 2020 plans or do you just sew what ever you fancy whenever you want?