2019 Roundup

Sew… last year I made 29 garments which consists of four Nora’s, a pair of Gingers, a boob skirt, a Fabworks scuba skirt and top, a pair of Marigolds, a Stellan tee, a pair of Winslows with hacked slits, a York, a pair of Yantas, a monstera dress, a naked lady tee, a Vintage shirt dress and a hacked version with no collar, a hacked York with a button up front, a Penny dress and a hacked tie up top version, a pair of Lander shorts, three sewing slogan tees, an orange Ness, a pair of Morgan’s, another pair of Gingers, a Kalle shirt and a York x Yanta hack. Wow!

I was surprised with how much I’ve made as I’m a very slow and even more impressed with three pairs of jeans.

So what’s still in my wardrobe and what’s not being worn...

Three of the Nora’s have been moved to the pyjama drawer. I definitely need something more fitted as these really aren’t flattering on me and make me feel a bit bleh. I did need to replace my PJ tops so it wasn’t a waste of sewing time or fabric. 

The boob skirt features on my #makenine2020 as I haven’t worn it at all. I want to try and alter it to a more fitted shape. Possibly the Sew Over It Erin skirt.

Scuba really isn’t for me so the skirt and top have been donated to the local charity shop.

Fabric gifted from Fabworks.

After spending the day with Happy Fabrics my three sewing slogan tees have made the best pyjama tops to channel all the sewing dreams. 

The best PJ tops.

And everything else is worn and loved lots. Yes the Penny dress is also in my #makenine2020 but it just needs shortening a bit!

I also made some non garment bits including a crochet teddy bear, washable face pads, vegetable finger puppets, bias binding, a macrame plant hanger, Christmas bunting and some sewing themed baubles. 

So all in all a really good sewing year. To see what I’m hoping to do in 2020 have a read of this.

How did your 2019 sewing go?

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