Tilly and the Buttons – Bertha Alterations

Sew… I’ve already shared my first Bertha but now I’ve made a few alterations I thought I would share a quick update. Here’s my original post where I made the cardigan with no alterations, apart from my cutting out mishaps!

Sizing: I kept with the size 5 as I was really happy with the general fit. As mentioned in my previous post my measurements fit within the size 7 and I tried on the sample at the Stitch Festival which was a size 3 so the size 5 is the perfect choice for me.

Alterations: I found the sleeves quite baggy and like my arms weren’t long enough to cope with this. I didn’t want to shorten the cuffs as I really like how long they are so I decided to shorten the sleeves by 2 inches. I much prefer the shorter length sleeves on me but now it feels like I wearing an upside down triangle with holes for my hands.

The other alteration I made was to reduce the width of the waist band so that it is the same width as the neck band. I wanted the cardigan to be cropped and it now sits exactly how I wanted it to.

It’s still not what I was hoping for but they will be ok for lounging around the house whilst I continue my search for the “perfect” cardigan.

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