Sew… #Georginas365DaysOfSewing. Yes this is a huge challenge I have set for myself and who knows if I can even manage a week or a month let alone a whole year! But thinking positives helps, well it helps me. I won’t be physically sewing everyday, I wish I could but that would definitely be a challenge I would not be able to complete. Instead I am going to share on my Instagram, everyday, my DIY outfits, my WIP’s, my plans, my sewing space and everything else sewing related that pops into my head.

Bring productive and organised definitely helped me get through the last year, well 18 months really. Yes there were definitely a lot of days where I did absolutely nothing which is also totally fine but I feel like I kinda know what to expect heading into 2021. I made it through two lockdowns so I can prepare myself for the one we are currently in and any others there maybe. I’ve never walked so much in order to be able to keep in contact with friends and family who live close by. Wearing a mask is now “normal” and having steamed up glasses is no different to not wearing my glasses so there’s no point taking them off! I can make something out of the contents of the fridge with nothing going to waste and I have the most organised loft ever! I can do this.

Sharing something sewing related everyday will be a little ray of positiveness that will set me up for the day or brighten me up when things aren’t going so well.

If you fancy joining in then just change the # to your name and let me know so I can follow along.

Day 1.

5 thoughts on “#Georginas365DaysOfSewing

  1. I am going to ponder this… best wishes and I am super impressed and jealous you got organized. I started many home improvement projects that have been abandoned from illness or my helpers having surgery. Drats!
    I have a ton of WIPs to catch up on though. Fingers crossed!


  2. Such a good idea. I’m not sure i can manage 365 days as it’s already the 4th but I’m going to try and get more organised this year😀


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