Instagram Top Nine 2020

Sew… here’s a little more detail about each of the photos that featured in my 2020 top nine post on Instagram.

1️⃣ The Helens Closet Pona Jacket. I wrote a blog post on it so won’t waffle on about it now but if you want to read more click here.

2️⃣ My hacked Sew Over It Erin Skirt which again had its own blog post here which includes links to where you can find the pattern and instructions for free!

3️⃣ The amazing Fancy Forest quilt which took 1302 days to complete. This quilt definitely deserves its own blog post so I will get round to that. I did write a lengthy caption on my original Instagram post if you want to know a bit more about it now.

4️⃣ A very special hexie quilt which I offered to finished and now has pride of place on the sofa in its home.

5️⃣ The short version of the Helens Closet Yanta Overalls using a vintage Sanderson curtain from @stitchmeayear. I don’t have a blog post about the short version but here’s a post about the cropped version I made previously with the alterations I made.

6️⃣ 2020 was the year I became a pattern tester for By Hand London’s extended size range. This is the Anna dress made out of amazing fabric from The Textile Centre.

7️⃣ A close up of my super organised sewing box I found on Freecycle. Sanded, varnished and it’s as good as new. I repurposed the plastic boxes you get buisness cards in and used the Cricut to make some labels. I love it.

8️⃣ Our amazing dining room table. The metal Singer sewing machine base was found behind the shed in my nans garden and some old scaffolded boards made the perfect top. Originally it was black, then a duck egg blue and after the latest update to the dining room we colour matched the base to our Hello Dodo print.

9️⃣ I’ve swapped out the last one as I don’t want to be promoting a brand that isn’t size inclusive so instead I’ve added in my fav Hello Sunshine portrait that we had done during the first lockdown.

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