Sew… a quick round up of 2020’s make nine and it was a pretty successful one.

#makenine2020 take 1 completed

👚 Three Stellan tee’s finished.

👗 Bettine finished but the FBA didn’t work so it went to the scrap bag.

🛋 Two foot poufs finished.

🧸 Teddy bear Pona made.

🐚 I swapped the Ness for the Erin and added a scalped hem.

🌲 I made some green Yantas.

🪙 I shortened the Penny.

🧥 I stitch the elastic in place on my Marigolds and Winslow’s.

❤️ I shortened my Boob skirt.

Because the first one was so successful I went on to do another #makenine2020:

#makenine2020 take 2 plans
#makenine2020 take 2 completed

🦥 A pair of sloth print Stella joggers which are identical to another pair I have but I didn’t know what else to do with the off cut left over.

🧡 A Stella and Jarrah lounge set out of some white jersey that I tie dyed goldfish orange.

🧶 I didn’t end up tracing on old RTW jumper and instead went crazy over the Jarrah sweater pattern and have made six at the time of writing this!

👔 Two Kalle shirts.

👖 Made a pair of denim Lander shorts.

❌ I didn’t finish my Indigo because fit is awful but will instead rescue the fabric and make it into a skirt.

❌ I didn’t make a stripy shirt dress as I had no stripy fabric in my stash.

🎀 Two Penny tie top hacks.

🍽 Made about 30 napkins from triangular bandages and then tie dyed them!

Sew 2020 done and now here’s 2021 plans. Again I’ve gone for things I want to get done that have been hanging around for a while.


📦 Sort out the mess that’s under my desk!

🥚 Make some padded mats for the table to match the placemats.

⛺️ Make covers for my sewing machine and overlocker as they get super dusty sitting out.

🦁 Make a quilt out of this amazing animal fabric.

👖 Sew up the two pairs of jeans I have cut out.

🌈 Turn three dresses into skirts as the dresses don’t fit properly.

🗂 Label my new storage boxes.

📏 Use my bias binding machine as it’s never made it out the box!

🕒 Turn these far quarters into a quilt, I think under the desk there are more cotton scraps.

I doubt I’ll get round to a second make nine this year as this will keep me pretty busy but I’m confident it WILL get done by the end of the year.

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